Supporting the Prime Minister and Cabinet

PM&NEC is responsible for providing policy advice, oversight and the administration of Alotau Accord I and II. And ensuring that policy coordination and monitoring is efficiently and effectively carried out. 

To provide the Prime Minister, Ministers and the National Executive Council with high quality and timely advice on policy, legislative, and management interventions in relation to National Development Plans such as Alotau Accords I & II, PNG Vision 2050, Development Strategic Plan (DSP) 2010-2030 and National Strategy for Responsible Sustainable Development (StaRS), and the Medium-Term Development Plan 2018-2022 (MTDP 3).

To coordinate the development and implementation of effective institutional arrangements to strengthen governance, policy, and planning frameworks in whole-of-government systems for quality performance and management at all levels.

To lead the public sector through an effective whole-of-government approach in policy coordination, monitoring and its implementation.

To enhance and ensure public sector performance and accountability through public sector reform programs, and effective monitoring, evaluating and reporting.

To provide coherent, high quality and timely advice and security assessment to the Chief Secretary to Government, the Prime Minister and NEC and National Security Council (NSC) for effective management of issues of national security, defence, international relations and including trade.

Contact details

Office of Chief Secretary to Government
Level 7 Sir Manasupe House
Melanesian Way Drive, Waigani
National Capital District
Last update: March 22nd, 2019
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