Senior Leadership Team

Portrait Name Position Contact Email
1 Amb. Isaac Lupari CBE

Chief Secretary to Government
2 Grace So'on

NEC Secretary
3 Johnny Bogambari

First Legislative Counsel
4 Peter Koim

Gas Project Coordination Office
5 Benjamin Umba

National Intelligence Organisation

6 Christine Lenturut

Government Printer  
7 Frank Aisi

Deputy Secretary
Policy Wing 1
8 John Punde

Deputy Secretary
Policy Wing 2
9 Tess Wingi

Acting Deputy Secretary
Operations Wing
10 Alfred Wapiri

Director General
Central Agencies Coordination Committee
11 Ephraim Sukbat

Director General
Economic and Transport Sector
12 Killian Anoser

Director General
Economic and Resource Sector
13 Christopher Asa

Director General
Social Policy and Governance
14 John Maigu

Director General
International Relations
15 Tony Kaib

Director General
Office of Security Coordination and Assessment
16 Philip Leo

Director General
Law & Order and Justice Sector
17 Simon Cholai

Director General
Administrative, Provincial and District Services
18 Lahui Ako

Director General
APEC Secretariat 
19 Joshua Uvau

Director General
Ministerial Services
20 Theresa Siaguru

Director General
Corporate Services
21 Rachel Papson

Director General
State Services and National Events


Last update: May 3rd, 2019
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