1. Provide assessment, advice and support to the NSAC, Prime Minister and Cabinet on matters including major security issues affecting the sovereignty, integrity and security of
Papua New Guinea and its people;
2. Provide guidance and direction to the agencies of Government responsible for:
• Matters affecting the maintenance of good order in PNG;
• Combating subversion and espionage; and
• Providing defence against military attack or armed incursion into Papua New Guinea’s sovereign territory or the use of military pressures against Papua New Guinea or
activities designed to undermine the security of Papua New Guinea and its people.
3. Coordinate assessment, review and direction of matters related to:
• Medium and long term security plans;
• Security and intelligence programs and projects including the financing and implementation of such programs and projects;
4. Monitoring, evaluation, and reporting on the implementation of the Government’s policies, programs and projects on security at agency level;
5. Policy and action on security, defence and intelligence tasks and activities as determined by the NSAC; and
6. Management of crisis situations created by security threats.

To provide coherent, high quality and timely advice to the Chief Secretary to Government, the
Prime Minister and NEC for the effective management of issues of national security, defence and
international relations.