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In furthering the Bougainville Peace process in the Post Referendum period and having met today, we officially reaffirm and assure the people of Papua New Guinea and Bougainville that the Governments of PNG and Bougainville are committed to the process of the joint consultations on the outcome of the referendum.

The signing of the Joint Communique today signals our intention to immediately commence the joint consultations as is required by the National Constitution under Section 342 (1) and the Bougainville Peace Agreement under Clause 311 (b) for the Government of Papua New Guinea and the Autonomous Bougainville Government to consult over the outcome or result of the Bougainville referendum.

This Joint Communique affirms that as required by the Bougainville Peace Agreement, the referendum outcome will be subject to ratification (final decision making) of the National Parliament while Section 342 (2) of the National Constitution has prescribed that the decision of the National Parliament, relating to the referendum result is subject to consultation under Section 342 (1).

The Joint Communique builds on the tremendous achievements of both Governments on the Bougainville Peace process and embraces fully the statement of established facts and principles as outlined herewith;

  • That the Bougainville Peace Agreement provides for a political right to Bougainvilleans to a referendum among Bougainvilleans, on the future political status of Bougainville; and
  • That the National Government had guaranteed that political right through Section 338 (1) of the National Constitution; and
  • That the constitutional guarantee for the referendum under Section 338 (1) of the National Constitution depended on the Autonomous Bougainville Government’s (ABG) fulfillment of conditions relating to weapons disposal and good governance, of which the ABG satisfactorily met; and
  • That the choice for separate independence was guaranteed under Section 339 (c) of the National Constitution as one of a number of possible choices available to Bougainvilleans in the referendum; and
  • That the both Governments had agreed to the definition of independence before the conduct of the referendum to mean ‘an independent nation with sovereign powers and laws, recognized under international law and by other international states to be an independent state, separate from the state of Papua New Guinea, with a defined territory, inclusive of maritime boundaries and associated exclusive economic zones; and a government chosen by its people; and capacity to enter into and manage international relations and United Nations membership’; and
  • That the referendum question and the following two choices of option 1 – Greater Autonomy, and option 2 – Independence was presented to Bougainvilleans in the referendum and were intended to facilitate a clear result:; and
  • That the referendum was conducted by an impartial Bougainville Referendum Commission (BRC), headed by Mr. Bertie Ahern of Ireland, which comprised of a fair number of representatives from the National Government and the Autonomous Bougainville Government; and
  • The referendum that was held between November and December 2019 and witnessed by international observers was free and fair, and according to observer groups “credible, transparent and inclusive”; and
  • That a total number of 181,067 Bougainvilleans voted in the referendum, out of that 97.7 % of them chose independence; and
  • That the report of the Bougainville Referendum Commission was tabled in both the National Parliament and the Bougainville House of Representatives, and was unanimously endorsed by both parliaments.

In adopting fully these established facts and principles; we hereby agree that the upcoming joint consultations will be moderated by an appointed Moderator and would be, but not limited to, addressing the key issues on the future political status of Bougainville, the method of endorsement by the National Parliament and the Documentation of record of the joint consultation.

Finally, in memory of the late Sir Mekere Morauta, for his contributions to the Bougainville Peace process as a former Prime Minister of our Nation and for his role as a signatory to the Bougainville Peace Agreement in 2001, this Joint Communique embodies both our Government’s sincerity to continued peace by peaceful means.

God Bless our people of Papua New Guinea and Bougainville.

PM Marape appeals to people of Tari-Pori for forgiveness to heal differences

Prime Minister, Hon. James Marape, MP, has appealed to his people of Tari-Pori to use the power of forgiveness to heal their differences and start new lives during this Christmas.
He was speaking to hundreds of people at the Andaja Oval in Tari on Christmas Day. 
Prime Minister Marape was accompanied by Minister for Labour and Employment and Lagaip- Porgera MP Hon. Tomait Kapili, Transport Minister and Goilala MP Hon. William Samb and Hela leaders led by businessman Larry Andagali, Peterson Pipi and Pai Wasa.
Prime Minister Marape told them that the power of forgiveness healed souls to avoid hatred and resentment that could occur as a result of harboring differences.
“I appeal to you, my people of Tari-Pori and greater Hela Province, to forgive your brothers, families, clansman and tribal groups who have differences with you this Christmas, " he said. 
“PNG is a place with many people with different cultures and tribal groups, but we co-exist in harmony despite the many differences caused by  politics and opinions of social issues and development agenda or needs.
“This Christmas, I want you to forgive one another and not to hold your onto  differences.
"If your husband or children has caused you upset, I appeal to you to forgive them.
“If your brothers or sisters in the family have caused you to be upset, say sorry and forgive them. 
"Do not hold grudges and personal differences, as these will affect you in your life and eventually lead to hatred, anger and conflicts."
Prime Minister Marape also appealed to his Tari-Pori people to go into farming and small business activities to support their families as the National Government would support the Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) sector.
“The Government has allocated K1.5 million to the Tari-Pori District to support SMEs," he said. 
" I appeal to you to go into farming, marketing and engage in small business activities that will help you generate income.
“Your Governor Philip Undialu, and the Hela Province, has pledged another K500, 000 which will total K2 million for the district's SME space so that we can help promote the local economy and create employment opportunities.
“Our District will ensure we appoint someone who is trusted to help manage the funding, and can evenly it to all groups of people who are engaged in the SME area and not misapplied."
Prime Minister Marape said all these would come about when people forgive each other, live in peace and unity and respect the rule of law.
He told his people to appreciate the 52 solid MPs who remained loyal to him at Loloata during the political development, and others who crossed the floor to support him.
‘’We, the people of Tari-Pori, owe them. 
" Like you have elected our leaders from Hela Province, those 52 leaders were mandated by their people to lead them.
" During this Christmas, we must learn to forgive, to heal differences amongst ourselves here in Tari, the greater Hela Province. "
Prime Minister Marape and his delegation were in Tari to be with his people to celebrate Christmas and  visit them after the political events of the past month.
He later paid a visit to the ‘haus krai’ or mourning house of his longest serving Tari-Pori District Development Authority (DDA) CEO, David Takitako, who passed away in Port Moresby recently.

Ministers urge Tari-Pori people to listen to PM Marape

Ministers Hon. William Samb and Hon. Tomait Kapili have appealed to the people of Tari-Pori and Hela to listen to their leader and the Prime Minister Hon. James Marape. 
Transport Minister and Goilala MP Samb and Labour and Employment Minister and Lagaip-Porgera MP Kapili accompanied Prime Minister Marape to Tari on Christmas Day. 
The two leaders said they both supported PM Marape because of his leadership qualities in consulting and listening to fellow colleague MPs, ministers and coalition partners.
Minister Kapili said the two districts of Tari-Pori in Hela and Lagaip-Porgera in Enga province  had  oil, gas and gold but benefits had not trickled down to the people.
“Our roads are in bad condition, our schools have been run down, and Government services are in a deteriorating stage when much of the revenue from our resources has been taken out of the country or spent elsewhere, " he said. 
“Prime Minister, I will push and support you to ensure the Government you lead will ensure our two peoples get the benefit and take control of our resources under your ‘Take back PNG' slogan. 
“I supported you to be PM on the 30th of May, 2019, at our Laguna camp because you were keen on taking back our resources and that our people having greater say in the benefits from those resources,. "
Minister Samb echoed similar sentiments and appealed to the people of Tari-Pori to embrace peace and forget their differences during this Christmas.
Minister Samb echoed similar sentiments and appealed to the people of Tari-Pori to embrace peace and forget their differences during this Christmas.
“People in many parts of the country know us Taris and Goilalas as people without any form of wisdom and as trouble makers who kill and take innocent lives and destroy properties, " he said. 
“But little do they know that we are a good peace-loving people. 
"The Lord has blessed us with resources and leaders who can make a difference. 
" I am one of those 52 leaders who supported your member James Marape to be our Prime Minister.
“We Goilalas and Taris must change our ways. 
" I echo the sentiments of our Prime Minister James Marape to use the power of forgiveness to forgive others and respect the rule of law."


The National Executive Council has recently approved the National Identification registration of public servants within the National Capital District and nationwide.

Prime Minister, Hon. James Marape, MP, said it was work in progress with steps undertaken to register public servants throughout NCD and nationwide and provide a forward plan.

He said the Department of Personnel Management (DPM) and the PNG Civil and Identity Registry (PNGCIR) will be working in collaboration to ensure all public servants are registered by 31st January 2021, as a directive of the Government.

"DPM and the PNGCIR are to register all public servants in NCD into the NID database by November 30, 2020 and those nationwide by January 31, 2021.

"Cabinet is seeking full cooperation of the Departmental and Agency Heads to ensure that all their staff are identified and registered under the NID Project as an implementation of this National Government directive,” Prime Minister Marape said.

He said Cabinet has also directed DPM to implement a policy that any new recruits to the public service must have a Unique Identity Number (NID number) which has been cleared by PNGCIR.

"These are immediate steps taken to control the ever-increasing personnel emoluments budget and stop leakages in general administration that lead to financial wastages in the Public Service,” the Prime Minister said.

Cabinet then advised that all public servants in NCD who do not register on the NID database by December 1, 2020 and those nationwide by February, 1 2021, will face possible disciplinary action.


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