Prime Minister Marape challenges public service management to streamline sector and improve performance

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, MP, has challenged public service management and policy designers to streamline manpower in the sector and improve performance in service delivery to Papua New Guineans.
Prime Minister Marape issued the challenge today at the opening of a week-long workshop on Public Sector Reforms and Cost Control. 
The Prime Minister said currently 36.3 percent of Papua New Guinea's revenue went towards personnel emoluments of public servants.
"More than K4 billion from the annual budget of about K11 billion is spent on public service, and yet, value is not shown in the services provided to the people," Prime Minister Marape said. 
"We want a public service that is functional and serves the people well.
"How do we make our public service effective and find the optimum rate for growth in public service?" 
The Prime Minister challenged departmental and agency heads to come up with public service programme policies for rural areas and utilise public servants already on the ground. 
Prime Minister Marape urged them to shift resources to the districts as well to improve service delivery to the people to reflect the money put in the Budget every year to look after the welfare of public servants. 
He asked the organisers (Department of Personnel Management) and participants of the workshop to put together outcomes and recommendations in a policy document to be brought before Cabinet by Minister for Public Service, Hon. Soroi Eoe
The Prime Minister said he looked forward to reading about the outcomes and recommendations of the workshop.
The Public Sector Reform and Cost Controls workshop comes in two parts: two days will be spent listening to presentations on Public Sector Reforms and Cost Controls; and three days will be spent looking at a new performance appraisal system for public servants.