Prime Minister Hon. James Marape has commended MPs from both sides of Parliament for their support in passing the Public Solicitor Bill 2021 today.
He said this after Parliament passed the Bill, introduced by Justice Minister Hon. Bryan Kramer, 80-0.
The new law provides for:
  • Provision of legal aid;
  • Protecting and facilitating for the enforcement of the constitutional rights of all persons;
  • Making reference to the Supreme Court on any question of law which arise from the discharge of his functions, or on the constitutionality of any law;
  • Providing assistance and engaging in alternative dispute resolution processes involving legal issues affecting the clients of the Public Solicitor;
  • Engaging with or supporting non-government agencies, international organisations, bilateral partners, or Government bodies in so far as it concerns or relates to National Justice Administration;
  • Providing advice to persons in need insofar as it concerns or relates to the National Justice Administration; 
  • To exercise all functions and powers and perform all duties which, under any other law, are or may be or become vested in or are delegated to the Public Solicitor; and
  • To do all such matters and things as may be incidental to or consequential upon the service of his powers or the discharge of his functions
“I thank all MPs present in Parliament today for their support in passing this very important law to help our grassroots people get assistance with legal aid,” PM Marape said.
“As well all know, the ordinary Papua New Guineans cannot afford expensive lawyers, and this new law will give them the opportunity to have access to legal aid they may require.
“As Minister Kramer stated when introducing the Bill, since the coming into effect of the Constitution in 1975, the Public Solicitor has relied on the prescriptions of the Constitution to carry his core function and additional functions in an ad hoc manner.
“The passage and enactment of the Public Solicitor Bill 2021 will guide the Public Solicitor in carrying out his core function of providing legal aid to our small people and other important duties prescribed to him as a Law Officer under the Constitution.”