Prime Minister Hon. James Marape has commended MPs from both sides of Parliament who supported passage of seven important bills on Thursday (January 20 2022).

He especially singled out Justice Minister Hon. Bryan Kramer for pushing through five bills, and many more since he became minister, despite not being a lawyer.

The other two were introduced by Commerce and Industry Minister Hon. William Samb.

Parliament sat for another three hours after Question Time to get the bills passed before Parliament adjourned until February 2022.

  1. Attorney-General (Amendment) Bill 2021;
  2. Claims By and Against the State (Amendment) Bill 2022;
  3. Family Protection (Amendment) Bill 2022;
  4. Criminal Code (Amendment) Bill 2022;
  5. On The Wrongs (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Amendment) Bill 2022;
  6. Business Groups Incorporation (Amendment) Bill 2021; and
  7. Companies (Amendment) Bill 2021.

“I thank MPs from both sides of Parliament for their support of passage of these very-important bills,” PM Marape said.

“Parliament sat only for three days this week, however, there has been good debate and amendments of bills.

“I especially commend our hard-working Justice Minister, Hon. Bryan Kramer, for passage of five amendment bills today and many more since becoming minister, despite not being a lawyer.

“I am very impressed with the level of intelligent debate among our MPs.

“This shows that your Parliament is at work as the legislative arm of Government.”