PRIME Minister Hon. James Marape has congratulated the Governor-elect of Madang Province, Hon. Ramsey Pariwa on his landside election victory while giving his commitment to work together with the new governor and his People’s First Party to develop Madang.

The Prime Minister said Hon. Pariwa’s victory is indicative of Madang peoples’ wish to have a fresh retake on leadership for their economically-viable province.

“This shows that the people of Madang want a fresh mindset to lead this important economic province that has been laying idle for so long,” said PM Marape.

“Madang has fisheries, mining, tourism, agriculture, cattle and forestry. This is a province that can complement our government’s intention to downstream processing of our resources.

“The Governor-elect has won under People’s First Party and by the same token, I congratulate PFP’s leader, Hon. Richard Maru.

“We look forward to working with him and his party in their drive to put our people first, an agenda that is very similar to Pangu Pati’s dogma and policies. Since 1975, putting our people first has been Pangu’s core policy.

“We look forward to working with the Governor-elect to make sure that Madang’s fullest potential is harvested and the benefit is passed onto the people. "

Hon. Pariwa won on absolute majority, polling 107,934 votes ahead of Pangu candidate Jerry Singirok at 65,128 votes, while long-time governor of Madang Peter Yama bowed out of the race in the 34th exclusion.