Lupari's message to the 2019 National Leaders Summit

GovernmentNews 4th March 2019
Chief Secretary Lupari addresses the Leaders' Summit.
Lupari urges public servants to step up service delivery

The Chief Secretary to Government Isaac Lupari, CBE, message to Heads of Departments, line agencies, statutory bodies and Constitutional offices was implementation! Implementation! Implementation! 
The Chief Secretary made this call during the Heads of Department Meeting held on March 4 at the International Convention Centre, as a lead up meeting to the National Leaders’ Summit from March 6-8, 2019. 
“Our leaders want to know what the public service has done in terms of delivery and implementation of programs in the last term of parliament and this term of Parliament,” Chief Secretary Lupari said. 
“What we need to know is what we have neglected in terms of the programs that we have not under-taken. 
“That brings me to the topic of the role of the public service that I want to speak to you about. 
“Each one of us as leaders, Departmental Heads, Provincial Administrators, DDA’s, we must seek in our heart, why you and I are in the public service. 
“The question we should be asking ourselves is, “Am I living up to the expectations of the Government? 
“Am I doing what I am duty bound to do? Am I serving this country? Am I delivering goods and services to improve the lives of our people who needs them? 
The Chief Secretary reiterated that the role of the Public Service is very important in that context. 
“I have said many times that you do not expect our politicians to come and do our job. 
“Our job is to implement the policies and programs that are signed by our leaders. 
“In the last seven years, since the Adoption of the Alotau Accord 1, we have produced a remarkable record and according to the reports that have been compiled, up to 95% of what the O’Neill/Dion government set out to do from 2012 – 2017 was accomplished. 
“That is simply because Public Servants worked together, connecting with our people, connecting with the front liners who live every day of their lives serving the people despite the many challenges and hardships that they face. 
“These people are the Police men and women, Correctional Service men and women, District Development Authority officers, Didiman, welfare officers, health workers and etc. 
“These are the people that make the changes that the government wants to bring to the people and many of them are unsung heroes. 
The Chief Secretary said many of this people do not complain about the challenges that they face because they want to see a better tomorrow for their children.
He said many public servants in Waigani take this people for granted and called on the public servants in Waigani to change, take our responsibilities seriously and then our country will change.