PM O’Neill Highlights the Specific Development Needs of all Provinces and Districts

GovernmentNews 6th March 2019
PM O'Neill meets and greets the people of Kompaim station.
The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, has highlighted the fact that while all districts have different needs, they face similar challenges to deliver services for the people, and development programs are specifically targeted to deliver the right local outcomes.
Speaking to around seven thousand people during his visit to the Kompiam-Ambum District in Enga province on Tuesday, PM O’Neill opened the Kompiam Rural Hospital and pledged the Government’s ongoing support for the district’s development aspirations.
“Kompiam has the same needs as other district, we are working with local members to ensure our focus is on policies and program that can change lives for the better,” the Prime Minister said.
“Programs such as free education deliver change for the people, and in Enga, under Governor Peter Ipatas’s leadership this is working.
“Free healthcare is also helping people to enjoy a healthy living.
“In every one of our districts we want to change the people’s lives and we have allocated funds so that our people can get the healthcare services that they rightly deserve.
“Many people go to the towns and cities for healthcare, but not all of our people can travel so we need to take healthcare services to them.
“Healthcare is very important in Enga we have allocated and spent so far 300 million Kina, and we thank you to the Governor for your strong support towards that healthcare program and policy of the government.
“These policies are transforming our country because we will have an educated and healthy population and a growing economy.”
The Prime Minister said electrification throughout the country is a priority.
“We are getting the much-needed support and partnership from both the Australian and New Zealand governments on rural electrification, and I am happy that your local Member, John Pundari has allocated 1.5million Kina for that program.
“The Minister for State Enterprises, William Duma, will ensure PNG Power rolls out that program so that our citizens will have access to power and electricity in their homes.
“That will transform our livelihood throughout the country.”
PM O’Neill said the National Government is supporting each district with the District Services Improvement Program and this is delivering tangible outcomes through capable leadership.
“Stability is very important and we can all see Enga is changing because of stability and because of strong leadership.
“Where there is good leadership there is change, and in Kompiam we are going to rebuild the roads with the support of the Asian Development Bank-ABD from Kompiam to Wabag town.
“We want to ensure that we have good roads that link Kompiam Ambum to Mul-Baiyer and drive all the way on a world-class sealed road.
“Our Government will continue to support your district and your member to continue the program and financial support.”