Government Aims To Make NHC the Biggest Real Estate in PNG

PMJM's department visits #TakeBackPNGGovernmentNews 15th July 2019
Prime Minister Hon. James Marape (left), Hon. Justin Tkatchenko, Minister for Housing and Urban Development (right) and NHC Staffs.
Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, MP says the Government aims to make the National Housing Corporation (NHC) and the National Housing Estate Limited (NHEL) the biggest real estate in Papua New Guinea. 

He made these remarks while visiting the National Housing Corporation head office, in Port Moresby, this morning.  

“Firstly, my visit is to motivate the NHC staff to lift their performances and secondly to set key targets for NHC to be the answer to all the housing issues in this great country. 

He said National Housing Corporation is a very important organization that has been decaying and eroding in its performance over a long period of time and we will now detach from undue political influences that has really derailed this organization from living up to its core intentions of how this organization should function.  

“What has happened in the past has happened and we will take stalk of any corrupt deals and those involved will face the consequences of their actions. 

“If there is evident level of corruption, there will be interventions to address them,” PM Marape said.   

He said from now on, there will be no political influence in NHC but we expect this organization to be the best performing institution in this country. 

"Ten years from now, NHC must be the answer to all housing issues for all employed citizens of this country. 

"Everyone, from the lowest level of employment must have a roof over their heads and a place to call home,” PM Marape said.  

He further encouraged the NHC staff to think out of the box and do the right thing for our country.  
PM Marape is expected to visit the Departments of Finance and Treasury tomorrow.