Cabinet Appointment at 11AM Tomorrow - New Performance-Based Assessment for Ministers and Departmental Heads

GovernmentMedia Release 6th June 2019
Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, MP
Approved for Release: 6 June 2019 

The Prime Minister, Hon. James Marape, MP, has confirmed to the Nation that his Government's full Cabinet will be sworn in by the Governor-General of Papua New Guinea, Grand Chief Sir Robert Dadae, GCMG, at 11AM tomorrow, Friday, June 7. 

The Prime Minister said he is further implementing a reform that will install a performance-based system of review for Ministers and Departmental Heads.  

In making the announcement of tomorrow’s swearing-in, the Prime Minister said the composition of the Cabinet is a serious matter with significant implications for the economy and the country.  

“I have had the benefit of working with our senior Members of Parliament over many years,” the Prime Minister said. 

“This has given me the opportunity to assess their strengths and policy talents that have been built over their many years of Parliamentary service and other experience. 
“We have in our Government a range of Members with extraordinary experience in the private sector and in public service. 

“Our Government will harness this experience that will be of great benefit to deliberations in the National Executive Council, and in the delivery of Government services through their respective ministerial responsibilities. 

“A further important consideration in the appointment of the new Cabinet is to ensure there is balance in regional representation. 

“Our country is vast with many different cultural groups and communities where the specific challenges they face are varied. 

“It is extremely important that our Cabinet carries with it the views and the aspirations from all parts of our Nation. 

“This is essential for us to continue to restore our country, take back our economy and point us in the right direction going forward.” 

The Prime Minister said the implementation of a performance-based system for Ministers and Departmental Heads is another step forward ensuring transparency and confidence in the Government. 
“There are a number of equally capable and qualified Government Members who will not be appointed to Cabinet on this occasion, but they need to know that their opportunity will arise. 

“I will put in place a performance-based system for Ministers to be assessed every six months so that the intent of government is achieved going forward.  

“Ultimately, every Member of Parliament and Departmental Head is a public servant. 
“The citizens of our country have every right to expect us to perform at our very best, and to meet required standards. 

“I look forward to our new Ministers being appointed by the Governor-General tomorrow.”