Our Functional Sectors

PMNEC have 11 functional sectors that reports to the Chief Secretary to provide policy advice to the Prime Minister and National Executive Council as the lead Public Service agency in the Country.

In this section

Office of Chief Secretary to Government

Provide strategic policy advice to the Prime Minister and National Executive Council, Coordinate Policies and initiatives of the National Executive Council.

Policy Coordination and Monitoring

Provide timely strategic policy advice to Chief Secretary to Government, Prime Minister & NEC concerning management and coordination of PNG Domestic & International affairs.

Operations Wing

Provides strategic human resource management, prudent financial management, corporate services to the Chief Secretary, Prime Minister, the Governor-General, the National Executive Council, Cabinet Ministers and Ministerial Committees.

National Executive Council Secretariat

The NEC Secretariat provide support to the Secretary to the NEC perform the functions of the Secretary in accordance with Section 23 of the Prime Minister and NEC Act 2002..

Office of Legislative Counsel

The Department complies with legislation, government policies and court orders.

Office of Security Coordination and Assessment

To provide coherent, high quality and timely advice and security assessment to the Chief Secretary to Government, the Prime Minister and NEC and National Security Council (NSC) for effective management of issues of national security, defence, international relations and including trade.

Central Agencies Coordinating Committee Secretariat

Monitors and reports on the implementation of CACC Decisions and resolutions by the implementing agencies.

APEC Secretariat

APEC Secretariat is the policy coordination branch for the host of APEC Port Moresby 2018.

National Coordination Office of Bougainville Affairs

NCOBA is the agency responsible for coordination of Bougainville Pace Agreement.

Gas Projects Coordination Office

Provide quality policy and management advice, information and support to the Minister for Petroleum, Cabinet, other State Agencies and the Department of Petroleum & Energy, over matters relating to the Development and commercialization of PNG's Gas resources.

Government Printing Office

The Government Printing Office (GPO) is the sole printing house for the Government of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea
Last update: March 23rd, 2019
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