Gas Projects Coordination Office


  1. Provide quality policy and management advice, information and support to the Minister for Petroleum, Cabinet, other State Agencies and the Department of Petroleum & Energy, over matters relating to the Development and commercialization of PNG's Gas resources;
  2. Be the primary point of contact between Liquefied Natural Gas projects and the State to provide management, leadership, facilitation and coordination of all technical inputs from the State to progress the commercial development of LNG projects in the country;
  3. Coordination: -work with the LNG Projects to understand key deliverables during Pre-FEED through to Construction Phase and align State Deliverables to ensure project timelines and budgets are meet. This involves coordination of regular state and project team meetings including document process; milestones, issue management and meeting minutes;
  4. Plan and develop integrated work programs for State Deliverables while maintaining the database related to State Deliverables;
  5. Maintain regular contact with new and potential investors interested in investing in PNG's hydro-carbon sector. This includes the successful hosting of PNG's Petroleum Summit annually and the successful development of downstream gas related industries such as petro-chemicals; and
  6. Manage and coordinate all State activities in the Oil & Gas Sector and ensure timely commercialisation of the Country's gas resources.

Key Performance Indicators:

  1. Legally binding Gas Agreements between State and the Developers; and
  2. Developers operate within relevant laws and regulations.
Last update: March 23rd, 2019
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