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About the Government Printing Office

The Government Printing Office (GPO) is the sole printing house for the State that falls within the Department of Prime Minister & National Executive Council (NEC), directly reporting to the Office of the Chief Secretary to Government. The GPO is empowered by Section 252 of the National Constitution including other enabling legislation such as the Printing of Laws Act Chapter 333, Evidence Act Chapter 48, Section 53 and Interpretation Act Chapter 2, including the Public Finance Management Act No.212 of 1995, S.117).   

Organizational Establishment 
GPO compromises of two (2) Divisions; Corporate Services and Operations Divisions and a proposed Publications Division, previously a section under Corporate Services and has a total manpower of 64 staff on strength. The Corporate Services Division oversees the Finance & Administration, Human Resource Management, Sales & Marketing and Information Technology whilst Production, Graphics & Prepress sections fall under the Operations Division.   The Corporate Services and Operations Divisions collectively and effectively coordinate all administrative and technical requirements by ensuring achievable outcomes and targets aligned to respective sectional functions that fall within these Divisions are executed and achieved.   

Core Function 
GPO's primary function is to provide timely, fail-free and premium quality printing and publishing services, utilizing innovative technology to serve the Three Arms of Government, the general public and private sector clients as the cornerstone for democratic values and perseverance.   

Our Vision 
To become the Government Printing Authority (GPA), providing quality Printing and Publishing Services through state-of-the-art technology to serve the Government and People of Papua New Guinea.   

Our Mission 
To provide affordable quality Printing and Publishing Services to all levels of Government and the people of Papua New Guinea.   

Programs and Projects   

The GPO unde1takes a number of major programs of Government on an annual basis and periodically. In particular, important and confidential security printing of government documents that require appropriate planning and allocation of sufficient resources.   Annual Printing of National Examination Papers Annual National Budget Printing National & Local Level Government Election Ballot Papers (5 yearly/bi-elections) Audit Reports Annual Reports of Governn1ent Departments and other General Printing Requirements for both public & private sector clients   

The CONSTITUTION, under Section 252 requires the National Government to maintain an official journal of the National Government which shall be known as the National Gazette or by such other name as is given by or under ai1 Act of Parliament. A core program that is critical to this statutory responsibility role is the: " Timely Publication and Dissemination of Classified Information through the National Gazette on daily (special) and weekly basis."   

For further information, please visit GPO website; 

Last update: March 19th, 2019
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