Office of Chief Secretary to Government

  1. Provide strategic policy advice to the Prime Minister and National Executive Council, Coordinate Policies and initiatives of the National Executive Council.
  2. Ensure that decisions, directions and policies of the National Executive Council are coordinated through Central Agencies Coordinating Committee to ensure implementation by the National Public Service and by public bodies.
  3. Ensure that the National Public Service and Public Bodies perform effectively and are accountable to Parliament.
  4. Oversee the implementation of Public Sector and constitutional reform in line with intentions of Vision 2050; and Execute other functions as determined by the National Executive Council Act or any other law including the Public Finance (Management) Act and the Public Service (Management) Act.
  5. To provide the Prime Minister, Ministers and the National Executive Council with high quality and timely policy, legislative, and management advice in relation to National Plans.
  6. To coordinate the development and implementation of effective institutional arrangements to strengthen governance, policy and planning frameworks in Whole-of-Government systems for quality performance and management at all levels.
  7. To lead the Public Sector through an effective Whole-of-Government approach to coordination of policy development and monitoring implementation.
  8. To enhance and ensure Public Sector performances and accountability through a program of Public Sector reform with effective monitoring, evaluating and reporting.
  9. To provide coherent high quality and timely advice to the Chief Secretary to Government, the Prime Minister, NEC and NSC for the effective management of issues of national security, defence and international relations.
  10. To provide effective and efficient corporate and other support services to the Prime Minister, the Governor-General, the National Executive Council, Ministers, Ministerial Committees and the Department.
Last update: March 22nd, 2019
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