Operations Wing

  1. Provide timely and strategic corporate policy advice to the Chief Secretary to Government and support services to the Prime Minister, the National Executive Council, Ministerial Committees and the Department through the following functional areas.
  • Human Resources Management
  • Finance & Administration
  • Information Technology
  • Corporate Planning and Management
  • Ministerial Services
  • Media Services to the Prime Minister and the Department
  • Investigations
  • State Building Assets and Security Services
  • Management of Prime Minister’s Protocol Services
  • National Events & Ceremonies
  • Government Flying Services to the Prime Minister
  1. To provide strategic human resource management, prudent financial management, corporate services to the Office of Chief Secretary, Prime Minister, the Governor-General, the National Executive Council, Cabinet Ministers and Ministerial Committees.

  2. To monitor and evaluate the implementation of the Corporate Plan 2019-2022 and Annual Work Plans on a regular basis and report on its annual progress to the Prime Minister, NEC and Parliament.

  3. To provide effective and efficient corporate and other support services to the Prime Minister, the Governor General, the National Executive Council, Ministers, Ministerial Committees and the Department.

Last update: March 22nd, 2019
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