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GovernmentReport24th March 2019

2017 Annual Report presents another year of more tight fiscal management approaches. This meant that the National Government had to invest in minimum priority economic projects that could generate constant and sufficient revenue needed for the continuous delivery of basic services such as Education, Health and Transportation, to our citizens. The two major expenditure items in 2017 were the National General Elections, and participation in APEC Meetings, including preparatory projects for hosting APEC 2018 in PNG. Despite this expenditure, the ... Continue reading

GovernmentPlan24th March 2019

The Corporate Plan clearly articulates the 30 Key Result Areas with 126 strategies and 359 Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to achieve the 7 Corporate Objectives that underpin the overall strategic direction of the Department. This is to ensure that each business unit of the Department has a clear pathway in performing its core functions in implementing its Annual Work Plans. It also provides and promotes the core values of honesty, loyalty, teamwork, gender equality and social inclusion and skills development for the staff to be more effectiv... Continue reading

GovernmentPlan11th September 2018

Papua New Guinea Vision 2050 long term overarching national development plan.... Continue reading