Corporate Plan 2019-2022

GovernmentPlan 24th March 2019
Corporate Plan 2019-22
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Department of Prime Minister and National Executive Council
Publication abstract:
The Corporate Plan clearly articulates the 30 Key Result Areas with 126 strategies and 359 Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to achieve the 7 Corporate Objectives that underpin the overall strategic direction of the Department. This is to ensure that each business unit of the Department has a clear pathway in performing its core functions in implementing its Annual Work Plans. It also provides and promotes the core values of honesty, loyalty, teamwork, gender equality and social inclusion and skills development for the staff to be more effective and ethical policy practitioners in the Department. The staff of the Department are encouraged to familiarize themselves with their functional areas, Corporate Objectives, KRAs and Strategies for their respective Business Units. Importantly, the Corporate Plan incorporates the Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Framework that enables the Business Units to measure performance outcomes against the Key Result Areas.