1. Provide public policy coordination, public policy monitoring, public policy evaluation and provide public policy analysis and provide public policy oversight within the three levels of governance framework.
2. Provide Executive Leadership and Executive Management oversight within the three levels of governance framework
3. Provide appropriate advice and information to the Prime Minister on Government operations.
4. Co-ordinate National Executive Council Affairs.
5. Direct the operations of the National Security Organization.
6. Administer the Government Flying Unit.
7. Provide administrative services for the Governor-General.
8. Provide services to the Secretary of the National Executive Council, the Office of Legislative Council, the National Intelligence Organization and the Central Agencies Co-coordinating Committee.
9. Provide administrative services to the Ministers.
10. Provide and maintain security of Government Buildings.
11. Provide Parliamentary liaison.
12. Provide services to standing and ad hoc organizations relating to the functions of the Department.
13. Primarily responsible for managing all policies relating to the operation of the Government.
14. Act as focal point for consultation with the private sector.
15. Administer all appropriate legislation pertaining to information.
16. Be responsible for policies and research relating to information and communication in Papua New Guinea.
17. Control the percentage of imported overseas material for broadcast by the electronic media.
18. Liaise with statutory authorities responsible for information and with media organizations and agencies.

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