Chief Secretary Calls for Bible Studies to be Mandatory in Nation’s Schools

Acting Chief Secretary to Government, Ambassador Isaac Lupari has called for bible studies to be made mandatory across all levels in our nation’s schools.   

“Christianity and Christian values are at the core of our society.  In the preamble to our nation’s highest law, the Constitution, we have pledged to guard and pass on Christian principles.  It is an obligation to all”, Ambassador Lupari said.

The Acting Chief Secretary noted that this must extend to our schools, public service, national institutions, and every fabric of society.

“All Papua New Guineans have an obligation to adhere to Christian values and to ensure that our nation’s young are educated on Christian ways.  Through this, we are able to nurture a society that is based on respect, high moral and ethical standards
and discipline”, the Acting Chief Secretary said.

Ambassador Lupari suggested that sadly, many of these values and virtues are lacking in contemporary Papua New Guinean society.

“You just need to look at our law and order problems, and the violence that takes place in our cities and towns across the nation to realise that for many individuals, these values and virtues are severely lacking.  These social ills are at the core of our nation’s problems.  There is no respect for authority.  No respect of for our elders.  No respect for women and children.  And increasingly, no respect for the Church.  To put it simply, things must change.

“We must educate our children and reinforce our Christian ways.  Whilst our schools teach our young people about science and the theory of evolution, there is little education around creationism, family values and Christian principles.  If we are to halt
the social decay and decline in morality that is on show every day, then we need to first educate our Children, so they understand what is moral and right from what is evil and wrong”, Ambassador Lupari said.

The Acting Chief Secretary said that in world confronted by increasing challenges, that now is the time to return to basics and reaffirm our commitment to Christian values.

“Let’s get back to basics.  Let’s educate our youth on Christian values.  Let’s reinforce Christian principles in our nation’s public service and national institutions.  By practicing and promoting Christianity and Christian beliefs and mandating bible studies
in our schools, we can heal our nation and chart a strong faith-based course for the future”, the Acting Chief Secretary said