Prime Minister Hon. James Marape MP has arrived at Ihu Station in Kikori District of Gulf Province to launch several impact projects including the Ihu Special Economic (ISEZ) .
Prime Minister Marape landed in a Tropic Air Twin-Otter plane this morning accompanied by Kikori MP and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Hon. Soroi Eoe; Minister for Works Hon. Michael Nali with his Department Secretary David Wereh; Transport Minister Hon. William Samb; Central Governor Hon. Robert Agarobe; Gulf Governor Hon. Chris Haiveta and officials of the ISEZ.
Thousands of people arrived to welcome Prime Minister Marape and his delegation at the Ihu Airstrip, which has been cleared and opened for use and is planned for rehabilitation.
Local police based in Kerema, Ihu, Kikori and Baimuru accorded Prime Minister Marape a guard-of-honor.
The projects which Prime Minister Marape will launch are the ISEZ, Kikori-Ihu-Kerema Road Project, Ihu Airstrip Rehabilitation Project and a local SME graduation and funding.
Prime Minister Marape's Pangu Pati-Government is focused on SMEs, promotion of agricultural and business activities and creation of markets.
Later in the day, Prime Minister Marape will visit the Gulf capital, Kerema, and visit some projects and talk to the people before retiring for the day.