Prime Minister, Hon. James Marape, MP, says he has so much hope in our future generation, and this can be realized by unlocking our future through proper education.

He made this remark while addressing the students of Hope Institute in Tari, Hela Province this morning.

“I thank the management of this institution for their efforts in successfully running this learning hub and encourage each student to strive for excellence.

“Last year, this institution held its first grade 12 graduation, with 12 graduates. Out of these 12 graduates, eight students continued on to tertiary institutions.

“Today, the Hope Institute has enrolled 120 grade 12 students and we look forward to having more year 12 students next year on,” PM Marape said.

He urged those enrolled in Hope Institutes today, not to give up, but give it their utmost best.

“We look forward to an expansion of this institution to TVET and polytech facilities, in the near future,” PM Marape said.

He said six years ago we invested in this institution and today we have over 500 students.

“My children, you can do it. Respect your teachers both local and international.

“Education is the greatest gift I can give to you - my people.

“If I give you money now, it would be used to buy material things that would perish.

“However, giving education to you children is my greatest investment in our future,” PM Marape said.

He said last year most of our grade 12 graduates averaged with scores of As and Bs, compared to other secondary and high schools in the province and this was worth it all.

“While studying here, make life interesting but also contribute to the upkeep of this school by helping to clean and maintain it,” PM Marape urged the students.

The Hope Institute in the Tari-Pori District provides free education with standard curriculum courses, which enable students to continue their education into tertiary institutions and universities.