Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, MP has noted the recommendation of the National Integrity System Assessment Report to improve the Electoral process so more people can practice their right to vote in a free and fair election. 

The Prime Minister said his Government is focused on delivering a free and fair elections in 2022. 

He said this is something that he holds close to his heart because there have been accusations of tempering with the electoral process that prevented leaders from taking Office; affecting the delivery of services to the people. 

“I want to personally give a commitment during these proceedings today that the 2022 National General Elections, that to the best of our ability, despite the fast passage of time and political instability, we will ensure that the election is free and fair and everyone’s vote is counted. 

“In this regard, the planning of the elections is dependent on key components and that one important key is population data. We intend to have a unified population census approach and from one population database we can extrapolate the Common Roll so that the integrity of the 2022 elections is given a high rating. 

PM Marape said the line of thought that is emerging is to create a single identification system by amalgamating all existing systems like the National Identification system and the biometric system. 

“It is our intention to examine the feasibility of biometric options on voter registrations,” he said. 

“We admit of having major challenges in the national identification card processes but we are beginning to turn our attention to home-grown solutions on biometrics registration.” 

The Prime Minister said he believes that all eligible voters in the country are entitled to vote freely in a fair election and building a process is absolutely essential to ensure the outcomes of elections have integrity. 

The major components that have to be put in place for a free and fair elections are the Common Roll, the security of the elections and the planning & conduct of the elections, he said.