Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, MP says Parliamentary processes has been embracing the promotion of transparency of proceeding in Parliament and will continue to do so into the future. 

The Prime Minister made this comment at the launch of the first National Integrity Summit for Papua New Guinea that was held at the APEC Haus today and he also noted that more transparency is also a recommendation in the National Integrity System Assessment Report of TIPNG. 

He said the recommendation was for the Parliament to be more transparent and especially for sittings to be fully broadcasted on television. 

“Parliamentary practises will continue to embrace the need for our citizens to know what is going on. Whether it is in the debate that is held, or indeed the strengthening of the parliamentary committee system. 

“Public Accounts is an area of work that we need to embrace and the Marape/Basil Government have set up several Parliamentary Committees that includes the Public Accounts Committee, the Public Sector Reform Committee and the Coalition on Gender-based Violence, just to name a few.” 

The Prime Minister said in the interest of transparency, outcomes of the Public Account Committee’s inquiry into the National Department of Health was made public through the media. 

He said the outcomes of these public account discussions have featured in important procurement, management and administration outcomes in the health sector for instance. 

“We are also building some work around the effectiveness and efficiency of the Public Service. 

“I point out that we have appointed the Hon.Gary Juffa as Chairman of the committee and they are now working to ascertain how best to ensure the public service is effective and efficient without becoming an impediment to service delivery in the country. 

“It will embrace some of the elements of law and practices that needs better and stronger outcomes. 

“We also spotlight on Gender Based Violence as another area of work that we have to build from and I am happy to note that there is some early progress on building a coalition of leadership in Parliament in this area.” 

The Prime Minister said the public is keeping a close watch on leaders and taking their cue from them; therefore, when Parliament takes leadership in various areas of work, the society will follow accordingly.