PM Marape: Late Professor Evelyn Lavu was an outstanding daughter of the nation

On behalf of a grateful Nation, I extend our condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of the Late Dr. Evelyn Lavu following her unfortunate passing last week. Dr. Lavu was a leading pathologist in the Pacific, a leader in the fields of genetics, diagnostics and the treatment of drug-resistant TB in Papua New Guinea. She was recently conferred professorship.

Through her many roles in an outstanding career, Dr. Lavu has made a tremendous contribution as a clinician and as a leader in health and medical research. In her positions as Director of the Central Public Health Laboratory, in the Medical Society of Papua New Guinea, and of course as Chair of the Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee, Dr. Lavu has helped shaped the healthcare future of our country.

I was always so very impressed by Dr. Lavu who in our last meeting only a few weeks ago, provided a most succinct and accurate briefing on the ongoing challenges we face from the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the many challenges facing our country in the healthcare sector, Dr. Lavu was tireless in her work to ensure correct advice came to government and never let obstacles get in her way.

She provided a great example for girls and women across our nation, that when you set your dreams and goals high, and work hard there is no achievement that is beyond your reach. Along with being an outstanding leader in National Healthcare, Dr. Lavu never forgot her humble beginnings and was the President of her local village health program. In this role she gave her time and energy to help her local community, particularly women and girls, to have better access to healthcare and better quality of life.

We have lost her well before her incredible work was complete and our only consolation is that she is now rested from work awaiting her everlasting life only Jesus can give at Jesus Christ’s second coming. May this outstanding daughter of Papua New Guinea rest in eternal peace.

To her husband Dr Mark Paul and children , her family, tribe and friends, I offer on behalf of the Government and people of Papua New Guinea our condolences for this national loss.

Prime Minister