GLASGOW: A high-level Government Delegation is in the biggest city of Scotland for the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) Leaders’ Summit.

The delegation led by the Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Hon. Wera Mori, has arrived in Glasgow and are preparing for the main event.

Following Prime Minister Hon. James Marape's decision not to attend COP26, Minister Mori, now assumes full responsibility as Prime Minister's Special Envoy to lead the

PNG delegation throughout the Glasgow Summit. Instruments of Full Powers were signed off by Foreign Minister Hon. Soroi Eor, delegating

these responsibilities to Minister Mori.

Minister Mori is expected to meet with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Australian PM Scott Morrison and CEO's of reputable global climate institutions.

Of particular importance would be his meeting with Mr Yannick Glemarec, Executive Director of the Green Climate Fund to discuss a simplified draw-down process of the

K100Million annual pledge for climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Minister Mori has been directed by PM Marape to delegate the accompanying Parliamentarian's including Vice Mininster (Treasury), Hon. Peter Isoaimo, to meaningfully

participate by attending scheduled meetings or accompany the Principal, as it would be a great international experience and exposure for them on global issues such as climate

change and what PNG and Pacific Island Forum Member Countries must do to achieve ambitious grenhouse gas reduction targets as is required by the Paris Rule Book to save

Planet earth.

The COP26 Leaders Summit is seen as the last best hope to tackle climate change.

Leaders from the all over the world are arriving or have already arrived in Glasgow for this important climate summit.