The 2019 APEC Host, Chile, has cancelled the APEC Leaders’ Summit scheduled to take place from 16-17 November. Chilean President Sebastian Pinera made this very critical
decision amidst escalating student-led riots and protests staged in the Chilean capital of Santiago. The riots were triggered, a few weeks ago due to his Government’s increase in
metro fares.

These riots and protests have now escalated into a much broader anger over worsening economic and social conditions and inequalities in Chile.

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera has made this announcement on Wednesday 30 October, 2019 to cancel the APEC Economic Leaders’ Week, and the PNG APEC
Secretariat was formally informed of this news in the early hours of today (Thursday, 31 October, 2019).

“In light of this news, I will not be travelling to Santiago, Chile. However, my Official Visit to New Zealand, will still proceed from 13 – 15 November, 2019 as Guest of the Government of the New Zealand Prime Minister Hon. Jacinda Adern, MP,” the Prime Minister said.


“Meanwhile, my Department has commenced the work on domesticating the outcomethe APEC Leaders 2018 Chair’s Era Kone Statement.  This is being done through aligning the MTDPIII with the APEC process to ensure the benefits of our APEC 2018 is enjoyed by all Papua New Guineans going forward,” Prime Minister Marape stated. 

The Prime Minister added that despite this unfortunate turn of events in Chile, Papua New Guinea, host of APEC 2018, remains an integral member economy of APEC, and is
devoting its efforts to ensuring that it works proactively towards achieving the APEC Bogor goals in 2020; the APEC Connectivity Blueprint by 2025; and, synergizing its domestic
development strategies to APEC’s 2040 vision.