Pomaleu calls Heads of government agencies together to align sectoral work plans

Secretary for the Department of Prime Minister and National Executive Council has called a meeting today for Bureaucracy Heads to align their work together to meet the goals of the the Government. 

More than 60 people, consisting of Heads of Departments, Statutory Bodies, Constitutional Offices and State-owned Enterprises showed up to attend the meeting held at the APEC Haus, Port Moresby. 

Mr. Pomaleu told everyone present that in his inaugural speech, the Prime Minister has challenged the Public Service to do better and warned that staff who do not perform may be asked to leave the public service. 

"I would like to take the time given to me to sensitize everyone of us as to the expectations that is before us," Secretary Pomaleu said. 

“The government takes its mandate seriously especially if it came from the people. And to have had overwhelming support from the floor means that the government wants to make sure that its actions from hereon has significant impact for its people.” 

He said everyone would have seen those expectations that were put out in a press statement by the Prime Minister. 

Mr. Pomaleu said for the meeting, there are several areas that will be looked at and that is the performance of all government organisations, which the Prime Minister made some strong remarks about in his recent press statement. 

He added that the Prime Minister has also made a request for a progress report from each organization that he wants submitted to his office by Tuesday next week. 

Mr. Pomaleu also proposed for the Central Agencies Coordination Committee (CACC) to take up their role to plan and truly coordinate sectoral approaches for all Agencies to work together in achieving the goals of the current Government.