The Prime Minister Hon. James Marape MP has urged the Motu-Koita people of National Capital District not to sell their traditional land.

PM Marape was speaking at the closing of a Motu-Koita Land Development Forum at the International Convention Center (ICC) in Port Moresby on Monday (11/11/19).

He said traditional landowners not only in Motu-Koita but all throughout the country close to urban areas should not sell their traditional land for a few quick money.

I am here to show the Government’s commitment not only to you as traditional landowners on which our capital city Port Moresby sits, but more importantly to all traditional landowners near our urban areas, that no traditional land should be sold.

It must not be alienated from traditional landowners.

Our  traditional  landowners  including  you  the  people  of  Motu-Koita  should  and  must maintain your traditional right and ownership of your land, said Prime Minister Marape.

He said that any discussion to use any land be it State lease, or traditional land lease should be based on a lease-back arrangement going into the future.

When the lease expires the land still remains with the traditional landowners, their children and the blood line and preserved for the future generations.

You don’t have to displace yourselves and your children from your own land, said PM Marape.

The Prime Minister said landownership and land grabbing is a concern amongst the Motu- Koita villages on whose land the city of Port Moresby has been built on.

In your situation it’s urgent as most of your land has been transferred to the State and you have few that are in your hands.

But some of our people have just been selling traditional land for low as K5, 000-K10 000 to satisfy their present appetite at the behest of future generations.

I encourage our people from Motu-Koita not to sell your land to other people but organize it on a lease-back arrangement so you collect some form of revenue,” he said.

PM Marape assured them that the National Government will partner the National Capital District to ensure they have proper hygiene and sanitation services whilst maintaining their traditional heritage and identity