Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, MP congratulates the PNG Kumuls and Orchids teams for beating the Great Britain Lions teams in the test matches today (16/11/19).

This evening my heart is lifted again for our country when critics write us off but we still aspire to do better and the results of our national rugby league teams both Orchids and Kumuls victory in their test matches against the visiting Great Britain teams are testament to our abilities and resilience.

Our  Kumuls  and Orchids  teams  have  lifted  our  Spirits one  more  time. Likewise  very recently, our National Male Cricket team, Barramundis, have qualified for 2020 World Cup on their own merits after competing amongst the world’s best.

Our Government want to encourage free spirit in our citizens and friends of our country many who have lived with us for so long. We want our nation to be joyous, friendly, fair, rich and welcoming for our citizens, friends and guests of our country.

Not all is bad; we must have hope, just like our sports men and women who are giving their best for our country. Let me encourage all our citizens wherever you are, student or worker, villager or urbanite, coastal or highlander wherever you are, whoever you are, let’s pull together to make our country better.

Our  Government  will  give  equal  opportunities  in  businesses  and  education  to  all  our citizens; we want to empower our citizens and country to be self-reliant and economically independent; the anchor policy of my Pangu Pati.

We can overcome great challenges our nation faces; just like our Rugby League and Cricket teams have done this year.

Congratulations of the highest order to our teams. Well done to all coaching staff, players, family of sponsors and above all, thank you for giving us hope, PM Marape said.