Prime Ministers Media Releases

Media Statement from PMNEC Secretary Ivan Pomaleu

This is to inform the General Public that the Office of the Prime Minister will not entertain any unsolicited Project Proposal Submissions and related Documents for his endorsement.

All project proponents are advised that Project Proposal Submissions and Bids must in the first instance follow Government processes and procedures in close consultation with appropriate line Agencies responsible for implementing these projects, for proper vetting and clearance.

In the case of Roads, Bridges and Building Construction Projects, all Project Submissions must be submitted to the Department of Works and Implementation for technical clearances.

Note that National and Line Agencies of Government, including Sub-National Authorities (Provincial Governments and District Development Authorities) prepare formal Project Submission to the Department of National Planning and Monitoring (DNPM) seeking funding with accompanying technical information from line Agencies.

DNPM will carry out Project Appraisal for all Project Submissions brought to its attention for implementation through the Public Investment Program.

This is to ensure that Project Proposals are properly crafted and public monies accounted for in a transparent manner.

PNG Government supports the efforts to restore the full solidarity of the Pacific Islands Forum - PM Marape

The Independent State of Papua New Guinea expresses its full commitment and support for the ongoing efforts by the Pacific Islands Forum to facilitate a constructive dialogue with our colleague Leaders from Micronesia, to find a way forward through this current impasse, and restore the full solidarity of the Forum family. 

I was pleased to participate in the Opening Dialogue on 26 April 2021 and welcome the role entrusted on me as interlocutor for this process. 

The Political Dialogue Mechanism is an opportunity for an honest political conversation with our colleague Micronesian Leaders to discuss and work through the concerns that they have which has, consequently, led to the current fragmentation in our Forum family. 

In its 50 year history, the Forum has faced a varied range of challenges as a collective. We have always worked through these challenges in our very own Pacific Way and this current impasse will be no different. 

I commend the Chair of the Forum for his ongoing efforts through this process, and most especially our brothers from Micronesia for their willingness to engage and work through these issues. 

I call on our Pacific people and Pacific Partners to respect the political process that is now in motion and await the outcomes that will emerge. 

PM Marape: Government committed to better voting process in 2022

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape says his Government is committed to creating a better voting process for the 2022 General Election amidst COVID-19, including biometric voter registration.

He announced this at a press conference today after a meeting with Governors, Ministers, MPs, Acting Electoral Commissioner Simon Sinai, National Pandemic Response Controller Mike Manning and other stakeholders.

“Next year’s election will be conducted in the presence of COVID in the community,” PM Marape said.

“Something that we might use to clean up the voting process is biometrics, and an Electoral Roll that registers electronically, with photographs attached for all our voting population.”

“This process will be looked into by the Electoral Commission.

“They have trialed an electronic-based voter update at a council ward in Kupiano (Central Province) and it worked very well.

“We will try to expand this in a big way.”

PM Marape was hopeful that this technology would be used next year so that block voting, a normal practice in general elections in Papua New Guinea, would be stopped.

“This is something that my Pangu-led Government wants to give to the country: A better voting process for 2022,” he said.

“We will work with the Electoral Commission to ensure that a COVID-safe voting process is developed.”

PM Marape said voter registration and identification would commence in the second half of 2021, following the 2021 Census.

He encouraged all eligible voters to participate in this exercise as biometric voting would be the way of the future.

“We’ll start with an electronic voter identification process at the very earliest,” PM Marape said.

He also announced that election planning would be bipartisan and involve the Opposition “so that everyone knows what is coming and we have a fair place to compete for public office in 2022”.


Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, MP and the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) President, Ishmael Toroama have held informal discussions in Port Moresby today. 

They discussed matters concerning the formal consultations that will take place between the National Government and the ABG, which include the Joint Technical Team and Joint Supervisory Body (JSB) meetings later in the year. 

It was to re-engage after the follow-up process as agreed to at the February 2021 JSB Meeting in Arawa was delayed regrettably following the death of the Founding Prime Minister, the Late Grand Chief Hon. Sir Michael Somare and the onset of COVID19. 

The two leaders’ discussions focused on the consultations, which will form a huge chunk of work as the two sides begin to go through the important part of the Bougainville Peace Agreement (BPA) during the post referendum period. 

PM Marape said establishing a consultation framework is critical to the success of the future consultations between the two governments. 

“It must be agreed to before the commencement of the process and it is understood that a Post Referendum Consultation Package, which comprises resources to facilitate political dialogue, sustain the spirit of the Bougainville Peace Agreement (BPA) and otherwise, guide consultation teams, which were endorsed by the then ABG Minister Sir Puka Temu and ABG’s Albert Punghau. 

“It is also critical that each side understands the composition of the teams that will interphase and the mandates that they bring to the table to guide the two governments on the consultation processes,” said PM Marape. 

The Prime Minister said they also discussed issues on the appointment of a Moderator and at this stage Mr Bertie Ahern remains both governments appointee as he was involved in the ABG Referendum Commission. 

PM Marape said that the role of the UN is critical to achieving the post referendum processes and outcomes as desired to by both sides and that the UN remains willing to undertake this role adding that the UN will chair the consultation process. 

“President Toroama and I have firmed up that the Joint Technical Team and the National Technical and Bougainville Technical Team must hold their separate planning consultations before the next JSB meeting proper this year. 

“It is anticipated that the National Technical Team and the Bougainville Technical Team will meet separately on the week beginning 3 May 2021 to deal with the outcome of the consultations between the two leaders and also follow up to the JSB and the possible dates for the consultations to begin. 

“’Following the separate technical team meetings, we should then have the Joint Technical Team to convene in Port Moresby during the week beginning May 10 2021. The main agenda is to plan the consultation meeting and also to determine the details of the next JSB after the first consultation meeting,” he said. 

PM Marape said the normal process is to have a JSB after the JTT but on this occasion, it would be important that when the JSB next meet, it must process the outcome of the consultation meeting to allow for leaders to receive, determine and give directions to the consultation process if necessary. 

“If the framework for the consultation is agreed to, the moderator and the chair is confirmed, then a date for the consultation can be agreed to. Following the assembly and briefing of the consultation team, and the organization and planning of the event, then an initial consultation meeting should be hosted at a place and time to be agreed to. 

“The first consultation to kick-start the post referendum consultation process will be held on the week beginning 17 May 2021 at a venue to be confirmed. 

“It allows both sides to be briefed on the matters and agenda at hand and for them to determine the next course of action,” the Prime Minister said. 

PM Marape also said a letter has been sent to the Governor of Enga, Sir Peter Ipatas on April 12th 2021 advising him of the decision to convene the next JSB meeting in Wabag in Enga Province on a date to be agreed following the first consultation. 

The Department of Prime Minister & NEC and NCOBA will facilitate funds to support the Enga Provincial Government to host the JSB at a date to be agreed to. 


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