Prime Ministers Media Releases


The National Executive Council recently approved audit report on the use and management of Community Mine Continuation Agreement (CMCA) AND Non-CMCA Trust Funds administered by
the Chairperson and Board of Trustees.

Prime Minister James Marape said Cabinet has approved for the Chairperson and Board of Trustees to settle contractors’ valid and legitimate total claims of K217, 216, 951.00 as cleared by
the Audit Process and recommended for payment.

The National Executive Council approved that the cleared projects for funding under non-CMCA Trust Funds be settled in instalments according to the initial contractual agreements based on the
status of the projects.

Cabinet also approved for further audit to be carried out on the other paid and implemented projects that have not been reviewed as part of the special audit due to resources and time limitations.

Approval was also given for 27 contractual payments that have been flagged by the audit based on documented evidences as fraudulent payments aided by official corruption to be referred to Office of the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate for confirmation of the fraud and official corruption, and appropriate criminal charges are made.

Cabinet approved the new proposed guidelines for the utilization of the equity funds remaining in the CMCA and Non-CMCA Trust Accounts and approved all other recommendations in Part A and Part B of the Special Audit Report.

Prime Minister Marape said Cabinet noted the rescission of NEC Decision No. 181/2017 will allow both CMCA and Non-CMCA Trust Accounts to be retained, but management of the Trust Accounts shall be in line with the improved guidelines  recommended for approval in paragraph 6 of this statement.

The Prime Minister said Cabinet approved to rescind NEC Decision No. 181/2017, which directed that after NEC’s acceptance of the Special Audit Report findings and payment of vetted claims, the credit balances currently sitting in both CMCA and Non-CMCA Trust Accounts be transferred to Mineral Resource Ok Tedi No. 2 Limited (MROT2) and Mineral Resources CMCA Holding Ltd (MRCMCAH) and directed that a representative of the Auditor General be included in the Board of Trustee.


The Prime Minister, Hon. James Marape, MP told hundreds of people at Balimo District of Western Province that the Government wants it to become a tourist destination.

PM Marape said this when speaking to participants of the 12th Gogodala Canoe Festival today at the Balimo Waterfront.

He said the Marape-Steven Government will support the local tourism industry by ensuring there is funding made available to upgrade the Balimo airstrip to bring in tourists.

PM Marape thanked and encouraged the participants and participating villages to keep their culture and traditions like the Gogodala Canoe Festival.

He said the people of Balimo have a beautiful place and environment including minerals and resources to encourage tourism and other business activities to support the local economy
and communities.

PM Marape said the Government will support their local Middle Fly MP with financial resources to upgrade the airport.

He also witnessed the presentation of K1million to the Balimo District Hospital. 

PM Marape encouraged the Balimo District Administration and hospital management to ensure the money is put to good use.

He said medicines and basic health care kits and needs must be purchased and upgrade to the hospital needs be catered for.

The Minister for Forests, Solan Mirisin presented a cheque of K500, 000.00 on behalf of the Government as log development levies to the Middle Fly MP, Roy Biyama.

The National Gaming Control Board has pledged to continue support the Gogodala Canoe Festival and has given K300, 000.00 for the Festival this year (2020) towards the 12th Gogodala Canoe

PM Marape stayed overnight in Balimo and on the following day, witnessed the 12th Gogodala Canoe Festival


The National Executive Council has approved to award China Railway International Group Co. Limited with the Finschafen Highway contract in Morobe Province.

This was endorsed during a recent Cabinet Meeting, where China Railway International Group Co. Ltd will design and construct the highway from Bukawa Village to Pindiu Station in Finschafen.

Prime Minister James Marape, MP, made this announcement saying the approved contractor will be the Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) Turnkey Contractor for this 100km design and construction contract along the Finshafen Highway, for the fixed lump sum price of over K286 million including the provisional sum and goods & services tax (GST).

He said the Department of Treasury will ensure a minimum funding of K60 million will be appropriated annually over the next five years commencing 2020.

Cabinet has also approved that 40% of the total contract value is to be subcontracted to local contractors and suppliers of material, plant, equipment and labor.

This vital road design and construction project is aimed at connecting the hinterlands of the Finschafen, Tewai-Siassi and Kabwum districts to Lae City by road,” PM Marape said.

He said the road construction project is one of the initiatives of the Marape/Steven Government to connect more people by road access to link the people of the Northern Coast of Morobe and further
on to Madang through the Saidor Road.

The proposed road project was publicly tendered on 18th July 2019 and officially closed on 30th August 2019.

The National Procurement Commission (NPC) then established a Technical Financial Evaluation Committee (TFEC, which evaluated the submitted bids and submitted the report to the NPC Board
for deliberations.

During its Board meeting, the NPC carefully considered the submissions to the TFEC and resolved to endorse the recommendation of China Railway International Group Co, Ltd at the corrected bid
price of PGK286, 994,637.32, PM Marape said.

He said the contractor China Railway International Group Co, Ltd has already fully established its camp in Lae for the construction of the Lae-Nadzab four-lane road development and construction
project and is all set for the Finschafen Highway project.


My people, my country PNG!

Yesterday (16/03/20) the National Security Council met and we elevated the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) to a National Security issue instead of just being a health issue.

This pandemic is a cross-cutting issue that affects social security, health of our country’s population and economy.

And this is not the first health issue and will not be the last, so we have been working to ensure proper protocols and procedures are in place so that this Covid-19 or future endemics/pandemic has a national response protocols.

Our responses thus far and into the future are;

1. Step up on our present surveillance and management at international terminal so we detect infection, (Note: incoming passengers would require medical certification that shows 14 days of isolation) and Jackson’s is our only designated international

2. We now scaling down flights, as off Sunday next week (trial for two weeks). And we will cease flights in and out of Hong Kong, Philippines, Narita and Sydney, Honiara and Nadi. We will only have controlled entry from Brisbane, Cairns and

3. Four ports (POM, Madang, Lae and Kokopo) are our designated betting ports. All passengers and ship hands will go through same checking and registry procedures as air travellers.

4. We have now put military on standby to assist if first case is established. Their medical facilities and officers (doctors and engineers) will be considered to be utilised when a case is detected. The military personnel will also be considered for
future health pandemics. They gave Taurama Medical Centre plus 10 medical personnel for use in the first instance.

5. Our Health Minister has been doing a good job so far; his team will report to NSC to ensure that we monitor global situation as well as local effects when and if it hit our shores. Trust account facility has been opened, K13 million has been wired thus far of money allocated and we meeting weekly to ensure humanly what we can do are being done.

I thank Members of Parliament and Governors who are willing to sacrifice district and provincial funds to assist in this fight.

We will keep on mobilising resources, and World Bank has issued its willingness to give us U$20 million in assistance.

6. We thank the Port Moresby General Hospital, and our health personnel for stepping up including fixing a quarantine or isolation ward. We’re also working on an isolation area at 6 Mile and looking at other centres outside of city and Port Moresby

7. A network of bilateral partners is ready to assist in every way and any phase of this epidemic.

8. We continue to promote healthy lifestyle and discourage our people to attend mass gatherings in social and communal activities.

9. Our traditional border crossers are restricted from crossing, PNG citizens are discouraged from leisure travels overseas and public servants (including politicians) are banned from overseas travel for 60 days.

10. Lastly but not the least, we pray to God to continue protecting us and for ourselves to remain positive in an environment of uncertainties.

We commend Minister for Health, Hon. Jelta Wong, MP and our Ministers and public officials for doing their utmost best; thus far since January when the Coronavirus broke out China.

I thank Yaweh God Almighty for protection on PNG thus far. He will still protect us but He has also given us mind to respond and prepare and that’s what we have been doing since January.

Authorised by:

Prime Minister