Prime Ministers Media Releases


The Prime Minister, Hon. James Marape, MP has left the country today for a four-day official State Visit to New Zealand.

Today I announce my departure for a formal State visit to New Zealand, traveling through Fiji for a meeting with Pacific Island Leaders and the President of Israel.

The meeting with Israel President HE Reuven Rivlin will take place on 20th of February and on 21st of February I will be received by Prime Minister Hon. Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand for my four-day work visit.

Israel is a nation whose success amidst historic and its present challenges are noteworthy and our nation’s subscription to Judeo Christian values require our Government to meet with President Rivlin and convey to Government and people of Israel; the Marape-Steven Government’s intention to rebuild relationship with the State of Israel.

My visit to New Zealand is in order and to firstly thank them personally for being a genuine friend of PNG. Recently, the New Zealand Government assisted by evacuating our PNG students from China to New Zealand due to the coronavirus.

In this visit, we hope to elevate and consolidate our bilateral relationship with New Zealand. New Zealand is a first world country in our Pacific neighbourhood who has built its economy purely based of agriculture, fisheries and tourism.

The New Zealand’s Public Service is the most effective and efficient that I’ve known off and that is why I am taking Governor Hon. Gary Juffa, who is the Parliamentary Committee Chairman on Public Service Reform, to establish link to study and model our Public Service similar to New Zealand.

Next Thursday, I will take a delegation across to Solomon Islands on a State visit. The country of Solomon Islands is our immediate brother nation and our continual friendship with them on person to person, business to business and government to government relationships is important.

Sometimes this year, I will visit Indonesia and Philippines that should conclude the five nations closest to home that I want PNG to have greater trade and economic relationships with.

So on foreign relations, the PNG Government wants to build warm relationship with our closest neighbours in trade and commerce and not only on political level. Australia and New Zealand are world class economies; Indonesia has 260 million consumers for food and energy, likewise the Republic of Philippines that has 110 million people and both are solid economies that PNG can trade with.

I will later in the year be guest to Rawanda, China and USA to further strengthening of bilateral relationship with these nations. I will also be attending the United Nations meeting and APEC 2020 this year, the Prime Minister said.


The Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, MP has informed the nation and all stakeholders what happens after the stalemate between the State Negotiating Team (SNT) and ExxonMobil over P’nyang LNG Project.

It is no secret that I am not pleased with the lack of interest shown by ExxonMobil to migrate towards a mid-point, PM Marape said.

A mid-point in which the State takes home a better deal, instead of terms similar to concession-based gas agreements Papua New Guinea has signed with ExxonMobil and partners of PNG LNG, and Total and partners of Papua LNG.

I  am  satisfied  that  our  SNT  has  subscribed  to  the  mandate  bestowed  upon Petroleum Minister, Hon. Kerenga Kua.

ExxonMobil has been told what our intentions are.

In the interests of fairness, a Ministerial Gas Committee (MGC) will request both the SNT and ExxonMobil to present their positions for the State - through a committee of leaders - to decide what is the best outcome for PNG. 

PM Marape said he had indicated on all levels of discussions that fundamental policy principles that influenced his Government’s mindset would not change.

These include no fiscal concessions in P’nyang, treating P’nyang as separate from both  PNG  and  Papua  LNG  projects,  increase  in  Domestic  Market  Obligations (DMOs) and local content participation, he said.

These will be fundamental in progressing P’nyang.

In the meantime, I call upon ExxonMobil and Oil Search not to hold the Total project in Gulf to ransom.

I call upon these two multi-nationals to work with Total to deliver Papua LNG.

You are beneficiaries of concessions previous governments have given.

If you model the project to be uneconomical, then don’t push it: let’s leave the gas in my land and you develop Papua plus further work in PNG LNG.

After SNT and ExxonMobil present to the MGC, Cabinet will decide on P’nyang.

We will shift focus to Wafi-Golpu and Porgera mines, Pascal LNG plus other resources sectors so life in PNG is not only dependent on P’nyang and other LNG projects. 

The Prime Minister assured the nation that the Mining and Petroleum Ministers would bring in reforms to the Mining and Oil and Gas Acts through enabling Organic Laws this year.

Acting Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari opens refurbished Dental Prosthetics Laboratory

The Acting Chief Secretary to Government Isaac Lupari officially opened the refurbished Dental Prosthetics Laboratory of the University of Papua New Guinea’s Taurama Campus today.

In his address to staff and students of the Dentistry Branch of the Medical Faculty, Mr. Lupari said refurbishment of the laboratory at the cost of about K1.5 million, the complete fencing of the school and the acquisition of sixteen computers for the Library computer lab were projects undertaken by the Department of Prime Minister and NEC in partnership with medical college and the University of Papua New Guinea.

This all started when I visited the campus in 2018 and saw the run down facilities and realised that we need to provide high standard facilities to train doctors and nurses who can provide top notch medical services to our ever  growing population,  the Acting Chief Secretary said..

The Government provided the financial support and project steering committee was established to oversee the implementation of these project.

Medical college is only one of many iconic institutions, which has gone into decline, resulting in overcrowding, courses in medicine were delayed and etcetera.

It was a sad situation and it felt like PNG has lost its dignity. We must not allow that to happen to our iconic institutions that put PNG on the world map.

The Acting Chief Secretary commended the Executive Dean of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences Professor Nakapi Tefuarani for his leadership in ensuring that high standard of work was carried out by the contractors.

Mr Lupari revealed that currently in the country, the ratio of doctor to people is 1:1700 and the ratio of a dentist to people is 1:800 000.

He said that shows that we need to train more doctors and dentists and to do that we must lift the standard of the Taurama Campus and other Heath Education institutions in the country.

Mr. Lupari said they have started the rehabilitation process over the last 18 months and it must continue until it is restored and capable of training young medical professionals to fulfil their dreams and contribute to nation building.


The Chief Secretary to Government, Isaac Lupari says access to communication platforms is vital.

Mr Lupari made these remarks during the launching of the 2020 FM100 NASFUND Talkback Show in Port Moresby.

Let me take this opportunity to join in and support our Prime Minister, James Marape, that access to information through communication platforms such as the FM100 Talkback Show is key.

It is important to provide a platform, which promotes efficient information and clarity to our people of this country, Mr Lupari said.

The Chief Secretary said launching this essential and instrumental forum makes access to important information easy and for our people’s benefit.

Mr Lupari further thanked the major sponsors - NasFund and Bank South Pacific for supporting the FM100 Talkback Show over the years.

The Chief Secretary is expected to participate in the second Talkback Show, later this week.