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The Prime Minister, Hon. James Marape, MP will formally handover the Framework Agreement for the reopening of the Porgera Mine in Enga Province to the affected landowners.

PM Marape announced this today following reports that the affected landowners in the province have apparently protested against a planned visit this week to be called off.

“Since taking Office on May 30th 2019, I have advocated for greater share of the benefits from our resources to landowners and affected landowners and that stands.

“That is why we have amended existing resource laws including the Mining Act 2020 and the Oil and Gas Act 2020 to ensure landowners get a fair share under our ‘Take Back PNG’ slogan.

“My visit to the Porgera Mine in the Lagaip-Porgera District this week was to talk to the affected landowners, the mine management and other mine affected communities.

“One of the main reasons why I wanted to travel to Porgera was to formally hand over the Framework Agreement.

“The State is currently seeking Barracks concurrence to release the Framework Agreement,’’ said PM Marape.

He said that the National Government has no intention of leaving out the affected landowners and will be included in every step of the way towards reopening the mine.

“The landowners will be made known and will have a copy of the Framework Agreement before any awareness is carried out, which will include the Enga Provincial Government and their community leaders.

“Landowners and affected communities in Porgera are well versed with the impacts of the mine and the benefits they got as a province. We will give them a copy and spell out what is in it for them at our appropriate forums and meetings.

“That was the essence of my planned visit to Porgera this week and I know my good people of Porgera understand the Government’s position and allow the lawful processes to take its course towards reopening of the mine with their share of benefits intact,” the Prime Minister said.

PM Marape said landowners will not be left behind in pursuit for the extraction and development of our resources including Porgera which my Government is fully supportive of as long as my people get the value for their resources.

“I look forward to meeting the good people of Porgera and speaking to the affected landowner communities and the Enga Provincial Government with the developer Barrick soon.”

Further, the Prime Minister said after this visit, his Government will set a date for a proper development forum where all benefits will be heard and consulted for benefit split.

Prime Minister Marape commits additional K2 million for Simbai High School projects

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, MP, has committed an additional K2 million to Simbai High School yesterday at the ground-breaking ceremony for stage works that will give a face lift to the High School.
The Prime Minister said he heard the people of Middle Ramu’s call to make the High become a Secondary School for the District and is looking forward to visiting them again when the High School infrastructure and put in place and it becomes a secondary school.
Prime Minister Marape was in the sub-station for the Middle Ramu to officially launch works for a six in one classroom, a four in one classroom and four teachers houses that the government has co-funded with the Middle Ramu District Development Authority at a cost of K2.385 million.
“The country does not have sufficient funds to support the dreams of the people for their districts but what they have, they will ensure every province and districts get a bit of it to develop their districts and provinces,” he said.
“That does not mean that you let your hopes down. You must keep your hope up knowing that when the sun goes down, it is sure to rise again and we can build a bigger and better PNG going into the future.
“To see that happen, we all by play our individual parts and it start with us in leadership, to sit down and put the focus in the right place.
“Therefore, today I want to commend the Honourable Ananais Jonnie Alonk, Member for Middle Ramu and Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Trade, who has started focusing on Education.
“Take back PNG is all about empowering our citizens, from the leadership so we can be able to control our destiny ourselves.
“The first place of empowerment is empowering our children through Education so that as they grow up and become adults, they can manage their own destiny.
The Prime Minister said investing in education is investing in the right place where we are taking back PNG and controlling our own destiny.
Prime Minister Marape also pledged K500, 000 to be equally disbursed to Primary Schools in the District and presented a cheque of K20,000 for a library for Simbai High School and a cheque of K250,000 that was committed by the Department of Education.
The Prime Minister also announced that due to the impacts of COVID-19 on the economy, his Government is planning to make Education free for all from Elementary schools up to universities and colleges next year.

PM Marape thanks public servants and church workers who serve in rural PNG

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, MP, has thanked public servants and church workers who serve in rural Papua New Guinea for their service to the people.
The Prime Minister said thank you to church workers who live in Simbai and serve the Middle Ramu District and in many other rural parts of PNG at the ground-breaking ceremony for Simbai High School Projects in Simbai yesterday.
“Church workers who work as Pastor, lay men, teachers, thank you very much to the churches who serve our country,” he said.
“You know some of them are paid very little or do not get paid at all but they still serve our people out of love for God and the people.
“Thank you very much to Christian Churches, you have worked tirelessly and the government recognises the work you have done for our people and country.
I would also like to say thank you to our public servants in Simbai, those who are agents of government, I appreciate your service in serving the people of Simbai and of course Middle Ramu and the country.”
Prime Minister Marape also acknowledged the people of Middle Ramu saying his government is not the government for only Moresby, Lae or main centres.
He said it is important to understand that eighty percent of the population of Papua New Guinea live in rural areas.
“We are the most rural based country on the face of planet earth,” the Prime Minister said.
“To recognise that, I and some Ministers, like you, we were not born into privilege in Moresby. Some of us were born in rural areas and went to school in rural areas.”
The Prime Minister said so having been raised in rural PNG, he understands the needs in rural areas and believes that his calling in life is to unlock rural PNG so that people in rural areas can link up with the rest of PNG.
He also urged the people of Simbai and Middle Ramu to work their land and go into agriculture.
Prime Minister Marape said the government has already put into place facilities to subsidise freight to transport fresh produce and challenged them to make use of thus facilities and go into agricultural business.


The Prime Minister, Hon. James Marape MP, has welcomed the new Ambassador of France to Papua New Guinea, HE Guillaume Lemoine.

PM Marape congratulated him on his appointment as the High-Representative of the Republic of France to PNG and assured the Ambassador of the PNG Government’s commitment in working closely with him to strengthen the bilateral relations between the two countries.

“I reaffirm PNG’s support and commitment to ensure your Excellency’s tenure will be a successful one that benefits the people of our two countries.

“Ambassador, I note that since the establishment of formal diplomatic relations on 22 June 1976, PNG and France have continued to enjoy warm and friendly relations. I reassure you of my Government’s commitment to closer relations with France.

“The relations between our two countries have been further enhanced with a couple of high level visits from our side. The recent one was the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Commerce and Industry, Hon. Sam Basil’s visit to Paris, France for the signing of the agreement between the Government of PNG and Total, allowing the resumption of the Papua LNG Project after two years of negotiations.

“Your appointment and our discussions here is a further testimony to enhancing our relationships,” said PM Marape.

He said that the French Embassy in Port Moresby has downsized its operations since 2015 and is now sharing the office space with the European Union Delegation.

“Papua New Guinea acknowledges the continued support that France has given in the region through its territories in the Pacific, as well as to Papua New Guinea through its significant contributions to the European Union, which PNG gets its development assistance from through the ACP-EU Economic Development Funds Programme.

“Ambassador, we are appreciative of the ongoing assistance that France has been providing us in our fight against COVID-19 Pandemic including the first two shipments of protective equipment for front line workers, which arrived in March and April this year.

“We reassure you that the Government of PNG looks forward to working closely with you Ambassador, to further enhance the good bilateral relations that exist between both countries. And I thank you for the courtesy call and wish you a fruitful tour of duty in Papua New Guinea,” he said.

PM Marape said this during a courtesy call by the Ambassador at his Office at the Sir Manasupe House in Port Moresby on Tuesday, May 25 2021.


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