National Executive Council

The NEC Secretariat is established in the Department of Prime Minister and NEC to provide support to the Secretary to the NEC perform the functions of the Secretary in accordance with Section 23 of the Prime Minister and NEC Act 2002. The NEC Secretariat therefore is one of the Offices providing executive services within the Department of Prime Minister and NEC.

The Secretariat is headed by a Director General and has three main branches and a support unit to provide this assistance to the Secretary to the NEC.

Records & Information Branch

The Records and Information Branch is responsible for keeping track of all the documents and information coming into and going out of the NEC Secretariat. In this regard, the branch is required to manage the records and information system of the Secretariat appropriately. Receiving and registering submissions that come to the Secretary is a major responsibility of this Branch. Other responsibilities include sorting and preparing NEC Meeting files; NEC Meeting Agendas; NEC outstanding submission lists; NEC submission considered lists; NEC Meeting Numbers; and updating the Secretariat’s filing index.

Statutory Liaisons  & Parliamentary Service Branch

1. Statutory Liaisons

When Papua New Guinea is to enter into any activity or contract with another party such as an individual, a private company, an international or multi-national corporation or another country, then the Head of State executes this activity or contract on behalf of Papua New Guinea on the advice of the NEC as it is the responsibility of the Executive Government to do so.

These contracts/activities include the introduction of new legislations, regulations and university statutes; amendment to existing legislations; awarding and execution of Government contracts and projects; appointment, suspension and revocation of Departmental Heads, Heads of Statutory Bodies, Heads of Missions and Boards of Statutory Bodies; Ministerial determinations and determinations of temporary responsibilities of Ministers; tariff exemptions and variations; orders authorizing loans; and international agreements with international companies; and other States.

As Secretary to the NEC, it is the responsibility of the Secretary to facilitate these activities with the agencies of the State that are responsible in carrying out the directions of the NEC regarding these matters and also with the Office of the Governor General for execution by the Head of State. The Statutory Liaisons Branch assists the Secretary with this function.

2. Parliamentary Services

The branch also assist the Leader of the Government Business during Government Caucus as well as in the preparation of the daily Government Business of Parliament. This is done in close consultation with the Office of the Clerk of Parliament to ensure all Government Reports, Statements and Bills approved by NEC are listed on the Parliament Notice Paper for Parliament.

NEC Committees Branch

The primary role of the Committees Branch is to assist the Secretary provide executive and secretarial services to the Ministerial Committees and other Committees chaired by the Prime Minister. In this regard, the Branch assists the Secretary by:

Arranging and coordinating Committee meetings;
Drafting Committee briefs, advice, decisions, resolutions and minutes in close consultation with the Director General.
Preparing meeting books and distributing meeting folders to members of the Committees;
Liaising with the Statutory Liaison Branch for advice to the Head of State on appointments made by the Constitutional Appointments Committees;
Liaising with other agencies for implementation, monitoring and reporting of Committee decisions and resolutions; and
Preparing Quarterly Reports for the Committees for information of the NEC.

The Committee’s Director is therefore required to attend all the meetings including the NEC Meetings, with the Director General and the Secretary.

Support Unit

The officers in this unit are under the direct supervision of the Secretary and the Director General.

·     Provide executive support services to the Office of the Secretary; and

·     Provide executive support services to the Director General and the Directors (NEC Secretariat).

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