Department of Prime Minister
and National Executive Council

To provide strategic leadership in supporting the government of PNG in development, coordination and implementation of sound policies and programs, and effective governance that works for the benefit of the people.

Provide quality and coherent high quality and timely advise and support to the PM & NEC and achieve goals set out in Loloata Outcome, Vision 2050 and Medium Term Development Plan III 2018-2022.

Coordinate whole of government policy development, implementation, monitoring and reporting

To enhance and ensure public sector performance and accountability through a program of public sector reform with effective monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

Prime Minister’s News

Our Team

Ivan Pomaleu, OBE

Chief Secretary

Grace So’on

NEC Secretary

Frank Aisi

Deputy Secretary – PCM1

Christopher Asa

a/Deputy Secretary – PCM 2

Joshua Uvau

a/Deputy Secretary – Operations

Marleen Akop

First Legislative Counsel