APEC Secretariat

The PNG APEC Secretariat was established on the 23rd August 2012 NEC Decision NG 19/2012 on which NEC endorsed and approved the Secretariat’s establishment and the organizational structure.

The Secretariat, headed by a Director General, reports directly to the Office of the Prime Minister through the Office of the Chief Secretary to Government. As at 31st December 2018, the Secretariat had a total of 17 staff.

The Secretariat during Papua New Guinea’s hosting of APEC in 2018, also recruited nine (9) university interns and twenty-four (24) other support staff as part of its research and documentations team.

Roles and Responsibilities:

The Secretariat is (was) responsible for coordinating the Operations Plan 2018 (OP PLAN 2018) with relevant agencies and departments in preparation for Papua New Guinea’s host and chair of APEC in 2018.

The Secretariat also caters for the following responsibilities:

  1. participating in all relevant domestic and international APEC-related meetings to implement the work plan of 2018 and its coordination;
  2. providing the policy framework, logistical advice and support to all relevant agencies and departments participating in the APEC process including supporting PNG APEC Senior Official (SOM) at all APEC Senior Officials Meetings Abroad;
  3. facilitating the production of Issues Briefs for PNG Leaders at all APEC Ministerial Meetings and at the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting (AELM); and
  4. coordinating the drafting of relevant Concept Notes and Project Proposal for APEC capacity building activities in PNG.

Key Planned Activities and Outcomes:

As per the 2018 Work Plan and APEC’s annual meetings, the Secretariat assisted in facilitating:

  1. the Prime Minister’s, Deputy Prime Minister’s, Senior Government Ministers’ and Senior Officials’ attendance at the Senior APEC Officials’ Meetings and Leaders’ Summit; and
  2. the Prime Minister on various bilateral meetings with other countries that PNG during the APEC Leaders’ Summit with the Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Trade Commerce & Industry, and the International Relations Unit. 


Upon completion of the 2018 APEC meetings, the Secretariat prepared relevant outcomes reports including NEC Policy Submissions, Information Papers and Matrixes of decisions for follow-up and implementation by appropriate Departments and Agencies.

In general, the Secretariat assisted Government departments and agencies, and the Office of the Prime Minister in keeping up to date with latest developments in regional and international political issues that have implications on PNG’s national interests.

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