Our Cooperate Objectives

Corporate Objective 1

To provide the Prime Minister, Ministers and the National Executive Council   with   high   quality   and timely   policy, legislation, and management advice in relation to National Plans.

Corporative Objective 2

To coordinate the development and implementation of effective institutional arrangements to strengthen governance, policy, and planning frameworks in whole-of-government systems for quality performance and management at all levels.

Corporate Objective 3

To lead the public sector through an effective whole-of-government approach to coordinate policy development and monitor implementation and international relations.

Corporate Objective 4

To enhance and ensure public sector performance and accountability through a program of public sector reform with effective monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

Corporate Objective 5

To provide coherent, high quality and timely advice to the Chief Secretary to Government, the Prime Minister and NEC for the effective management of issues of national security, police, C.I.S and defence.

Corporate Objective 6

To provide effective and efficient corporate services to the Prime Minister, the Governor-General, the National Executive Council, Ministers, Ministerial Committees and the Department.

Corporate Objective 7

To monitor, evaluate and report the implementation of the Corporate Plan 2019-2022 and Annual Work Plans on a regular basis and report on its annual progress to the Prime Minister, NEC and Parliament.