Our Mandate

The mandate of the Department of Prime Minister and National Executive Council (PMNEC) in Papua New Guinea is to provide policy advice and support to the Prime Minister and the National Executive Council (NEC). The department is responsible for developing policies and strategies that advance the government’s objectives and priorities across all sectors of the economy. Specifically, the PMNEC’s mandate includes:

  1. Providing advice and support to the Prime Minister and the NEC on policy matters and governance issues.
  2. Coordinating the development and implementation of policies and programs across all government agencies and departments.
  3. Managing PNG’s relationships with other countries and international organizations.
  4. Overseeing the country’s national security policies and coordinating the activities of various security agencies.
  5. Promoting good governance and transparency in all aspects of government, including strengthening the rule of law, combating corruption, and promoting accountability and transparency in public institutions.
  6. Fostering economic growth and development in PNG by developing policies and strategies to attract foreign investment, create jobs, and promote sustainable development.

The PMNEC’s mandate is to ensure that the PNG government operates effectively and efficiently, and that it is able to meet the needs and aspirations of the country’s people. The department’s work is critical to advancing PNG’s economic and social development, and to promoting good governance and national security.