Prime Minister Hon. James Marape has clarified that the State is still in the process of carrying out technical assessments on the structural integrity of the University of Goroka building that has become the centre of the latest media scrutiny.

Prime Minister Marape said there is a standing decision by the National Executive Council to investigate the full extent of damages and status of the building before a further decision can be taken whether to maintain the building or to condemn its use altogether. The building suffered extensive damages in an earthquake several years ago. 

“The Government is well aware of this matter. I have met with Minister Hon. Don Polye and Secretary for DHERST this week and this is one of the things that has come up for discussion.

“I am in receipt of a full brief from DHERST and have instructed that the NEC decision be honoured.

“In the meantime, all operational funds for University of Goroka continue to be released, including funds for HECAS, TESAS and Student HELP so that our university administration can maintain classes as we catch up on full restoration of the earthquake-related losses.

“I encourage students and local communities to co-exist in these times of stress as government and university redevelop the university.

We will support DHERST fully in this matter,” said PM Marape.