Prime Minister James Marape has formally invited the Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida to visit Papua New Guinea and open the Nadzab Tomodachi International Airport in Morobe Province once it is ready for use.

The Prime Minister conveyed his invitation through Japan’s Vice Foreign Affairs Minister, Masatoshi Akimoto who was in Port Moresby for bilateral discussions with Prime Minister Marape at his Parliament Office on Wednesday (02/08/23).

During the discussion, Mr Marape said Japan continues to support PNG and that support and development cooperation is highly valued.

“Japan has lent much support to us, PNG, in our development endeavors and the latest being the Lae’s Nadzab Tomodachi International Airport, costing well over K770 million,” he said.

Mr Marape said this is huge money, which is lent to PNG at 0.1 percent interest adding that this airport will enable Morobe Province to lure more tourists and businesses into the country.

The airport will be the gateway for the export of PNG’s marine resources and fish such as tuna to Japanese markets.

“We want to open up the Japanese markets for our tuna to be freighted directly to Japan through the Nadzab Tomodachi International Airport once it is ready for use.

“So, we want the Prime Minister of Japan Mr Kishida to come to PNG and if possible, for him to officially open this airport, during his visit,” said the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Marape also announced that his Pangu Pati-led Government has support for Japan in its international endeavors.

Furthermore, PNG is also an ideal place for Japan to host the Pacific Island Leaders Meeting (PALM), which Japan co-host and sponsors, the Prime Minister said.