Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister Hon. James Marape and Israeli Prime Minister Hon. Benjamin Netanyahu have jointly opened the new Papua New Guinea Embassy in Jerusalem today (05.09.23) at 6.30pm, local time.

PNG joins only four other countries in opening a fully-fledged diplomatic mission in the Israeli capital, thus becoming the first Pacific Island nation to do so.

The decision to open the new Embassy is a sovereign decision based on Papua New Guinea’s Christian principles and worldview that emanate from Israel’s Judaism religion which emphasizes respect, empathy, tolerance and acceptance for humankind, Prime Minister Marape said in Jerusalem today. 

“Papua New Guinea chose to join United States, Kosovo, Guatamala and Honduras in opening its Embassy in Jerusalem in acknowledgement of our Judeo-Christian worldview that Jerusalem is historically the headquarter of the nation and the people of Israel,” said Prime Minister Marape.

“Papua New Guinea highly values its bilateral relations which, over the years have been based on strong Judeo-Christian values and common, shared interests. 

“We have trust in the Nation of Israel to ensure that all citizens are in the sovereignty of Israel and the millions who come in contact with Israel every year will enjoy the hospitality of the Government and the People of Israel. 

“Israel is no ordinary nation. From the Judeo-Christian worldview, it is the foundation nation in giving to the world many of the moral principles that we carry as Christians today. 

“The value of Christianity is immeasurable. Character of nations are built by values and moral principles, and Christianity – which is deeply embedded in Israel’s faith of Judaism – gives to us our values and moral principles. Papua New Guinea finds its Christian heritage in this country, Israel; as we uphold these values and continue to believe in the God of Israel.

“PNG has a lot to gain from the Israeli economy through its high technology systems in Agriculture, Education, Finance and Resource and Infrastructure Development. This will include downstream processing of rice and fisheries products which the Israeli development agency known as MASHAV has indicated its desire to assist.

“I thank Prime Minister Netanyahu and his Government for facilitating the establishment of the PNG Resident Embassy in Jerusalem as it will ensure smooth and practical flow of our relations to support our socio-economic development. 

“In reciprocating, the PNG Government will identify suitable land in Port Moresby and invite Prime Minister Netanyahu to PNG for the ground-breaking ceremony. Suitable land will also be made available to Israeli investors to bring in their capital to help develop a Israeli-PNG Special Economic Zone,” said Prime Minister Marape.