The Chairman of the National Security Advisory Council and Chief Secretary to Government, Ivan Pomaleu has thanked the Police Commissioner, David Manning, for his directive to Puma Energy and the Bank of Papua New Guinea to ensure that fuel can continue to be supplied to fuel users throughout the country. These includes both automobile and jet fuel. 

In the last week, Puma has commenced rationing fuel supplies in all its service stations, and its supply of Jet A1 fuel to airline operators. This has seen a scale back of flights operating in the country, including Air Niugini. This has since seen a lot of cancelled flights and stranded passengers right throughout the country. 

“The story on fuel supplies is such that not only will flights be affected but other important services such as ambulance, electricity, and security services will be affected. Major economic activities will also be affected. That is why this intervention is necessary as the country goes through the long weekend.”

The Chief Secretary also commended Air Niugini for maintaining some level of services to the main sectors of its operating routes, even though the fuel rationing went as low as 50% at least by Friday and Saturday. 

Mr Pomaleu also confirmed that the National Security Council met yesterday and made some resolutions. The resolutions are being finalized by the government team and will be announced shortly. 

“The Government continues to acknowledge and manage the independence of the Bank of Papua New Guinea. At the same time, it seeks to ensure that the interests of its citizens, businesses and services are, as much as possible, sustained in an environment where Puma is the sole supplier of certain categories of fuel.”