Pomaleu: Project designed to improve connectivity

Chief Secretary to Government, Ivan Pomaleu informed participants of the High Level Seminar Workshop on Connect Papua New Guinea that projects under the program are designed to improve connectivity to our people in rural areas.

In his closing remarks, Chief Secretary Pomaleu said access to quality basic services for our more than 1,000,000 people living in rural areas is often very difficult and the difficulties that they face is very different from those who live in towns and cities.

Chief Secretary Pomaleu said inherent in processes for the successful completion of the program is the consideration to establish new systems and processes at the planning, design, procurement and quality management stages.

He emphasised that what the government wants to achieve is to unlock opportunities for thousands if not millions of our rural population.

“The people need to be connected in someway to important services delivery points right across the country,” Mr Pomaleu said.

“Sometimes, what we take for granted in the towns and cities and things that requires some effort to get to in rural areas.

“All going governments, including this one have a moral responsibility in my view to connect our people. 

“To make it simple enough for them to access the important services, whether it is in education or health, whether it is in providing market opportunities for vegetables to be brought into the markets, enhancing their own abilities to access and finances to secure their own livelihoods in the manner that does not demean their human dignity.” 

Mr Pomaleu added that everyone is collectively responsible to ensure our fellow citizens have the same opportunities as us. 

He said that is why we are here this afternoon to talk through the important issues that inhibit the efficient deliver of services. Whether it is in delays or not getting the work done, indentifying important resourcing or awarding of contracts that have already been signed. 

The Chief Secretary then acknowledged everyone who participated and attended the seminar workshop.

He said it is an important workshop that provides an avenue to hear what the issues are that are affecting the program and each of us in our own responsible roles, see what we can do about it.

Presenters for the Seminar Workshop were Deputy Secretary of Department of National Planning & Monitoring, Secretary for Department of Works & Highways David Wereh, Managing Director of PNG Forest Authority John Mosoro, Acting Secretary Department of Finance Sam Penias, Acting Secretary Department of Justice & Attorney General Nicodemus Mosoro, Secretary for Department of Treasury Andrew Oaeke, Infrastructure Specialist, Asia Development Bank PNG Resident Mission Masayoshi Ono and Local Contractor, Jennifer Brown.