Prime Minister Hon. James Marape Acknowledges France’s Unprecedented US$100 Million ‘Country Package’ for Nature, Forests, and Climate

PNG’s Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister, Hon. James Marape, MP, extends his sincere gratitude to France for their remarkable ‘country package’ commitment of US$100 million (K344 million) dedicated to preserving nature, forests, and mitigating climate impact. Papua New Guinea, boasting the world’s third-largest primary rainforest, holds 7 per cent of the planet’s biodiversity.

This innovative ‘country package’ represents a groundbreaking financing mechanism arising from an international dialogue seeking to fortify North-South solidarity. Its objectives include:

•             Achieving 30 per cent protection of land and sea by 2030;

•             Realising a 25 per cent reduction in deforestation and forest degradation by 2025;

•             Establishing a sustainable financing mechanism for forest biodiversity; and

•             Supporting scientific research and education to nurture future generations.

French President H.E. Emmanuel Macron unveiled this transformative initiative during a meeting on Saturday, December 2, 2023, with Internal Security Minister Hon. Peter Tsiamalili Jr, on behalf of Prime Minister Marape, at the sidelines of COP-28 in Dubai.

Upon his arrival in Dubai, Prime Minister Marape personally expressed his gratitude to President Macron, acknowledging France’s unwavering commitment to nature, forests, and climate. He thanked France for standing out as a leader in championing the cause of forest nations, including Papua New Guinea.

Prime Minister Marape reflected on the positive outcomes resulting from his meetings with President Macron throughout 2023, spanning locations such as Gabon in Central Africa, Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea, and Paris in France. Notably, the official launch of the K210 million European Union-funded Forestry, Climate Change, and Biodiversity (EU-FCCB) Programme in Port Moresby earlier this year marked a significant milestone for Papua New Guinea.

This latest announcement of the US$100 million for nature, forests, and climate in Papua New Guinea is viewed as a substantial contribution, reinforcing the nation’s commitment to environmental conservation.

“In my addresses at the United Nations General Assembly and various international forums, I consistently emphasised the pivotal role of forest resource management in the climate change conversation. The Earth, in its natural state, relies on trees as its lungs to maintain ecological balance,” stated Prime Minister Marape.

He called upon developed nations to follow France’s exemplary commitment in implementing the 2015 Paris Agreement, particularly in the conservation of Earth’s forests, on the occasion of COP 28 in Dubai.