Prime Minister Hon. James Marape Extends Gratitude to Morobe People for Their Dedication to Papua New Guinea’s Progress

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Morobe people for their unwavering commitment to the development of Papua New Guinea. This sentiment was underscored by the inauguration of the state-of-the-art Nadzab Tomodachi International Airport on Monday, October 2, 2023, which drew an enthusiastic crowd of thousands, including local villagers.

Prime Minister Marape also unveiled ambitious plans for the region, including the forthcoming development of Nadzab City, with detailed announcements to follow shortly.

In his address, Prime Minister Marape said, “Thank you to our people of Morobe; you are good people. You supported us when your missionaries brought the good news into the Highlands and allowed the Highlands Highway to connect Lae to the Highlands.”

The Prime Minister passionately urged the Morobe people, especially the Nadzab villagers, to resist selling their customary land to outsiders, emphasising the social issues that arise from such transactions, as seen in Port Moresby. He assured the presence of a government plan dedicated to landowners throughout the country.

 “This year, we have allocated K150 million in the National Budget for this purpose, with only K20 million utilised so far,” Prime Minister Marape stated.

“The remaining funds will be invested in significant projects such as the planned Nadzab City, expansion of Port Moresby, and other urban areas to modernise our cities.”

He added, “I want to assure our people in Nadzab that we will return to inaugurate the brand-new Nadzab City, which will encompass the Morobe Provincial Government, complete with essential facilities such as a police station, banks, hotels, and housing.”

Prime Minister Marape encouraged Morobe’s entrepreneurs to seize the opportunities stemming from the growth of Nadzab City. “Begin constructing your hotels and guest houses here because if you don’t, outsiders will come and take these opportunities,” he advised.

 Prime Minister Marape concluded his remarks by expressing his optimism for the future of Morobe and Papua New Guinea, stating, “Exciting times await Morobe and the rest of our nation. Nadzab is poised to become a vibrant growth centre. I implore our people not to part with their land but to collaborate with Lands Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Hon. John Rosso and the Morobe Provincial Government to wisely utilise your resources.”