Prime Minister Hon. James Marape Opens the New Melanesia Haus in Waigani

On Monday, April 15, 2024, Prime Minister Hon. James Marape cut the ribbons to inaugurate the new state-of-the-art Melanesia Haus in the Waigani Precinct, which will now serve as the Seat of Papua New Guinea’s Executive Government.

The dedication service and opening ceremony were attended by distinguished guests including various Ministers of Government, Chief Secretary to Government Ivan Pomaleu, National Executive Council (NEC) Secretary Grace So’on, and several church pastors. During the event, the keys to the new building were handed over and a plaque was unveiled, signaling a new chapter for the Office of the Prime Minister and the Department of Prime Minister and National Executive Council.

Prime Minister Marape, during the opening, highlighted the strategic placement of the building, stating, “It will enable the three arms of government to be located in very close proximity to each other to enable better coordination and collaboration between us.”

He also noted that the new court complex and the National Parliament, located just opposite Melanesia Haus, provide a geographic triangle with the executive, judiciary, and legislature. “This setup is designed to enhance their equal and independent functions, thereby uniting them in the spirit of true democracy for a united, strong, and vibrant Papua New Guinea into the future, especially as the country approaches its 50th year of nationhood,” Prime Minister Marape said.

NEC Secretary So’on reminded attendees, particularly the officers who will occupy the building, of the roles and functions of the Department of PM and NEC, and the Office of the Prime Minister. Chief Secretary Pomaleu echoed the challenge to public servants in the department and the Office of the Prime Minister to demonstrate nothing short of excellence in performance and work ethic in executing their duties and responsibilities as key agents for service delivery in the country.

Following the building dedication message and prayer of blessing by Seventh-Day Adventist Pastors Lonol Winnie and Tony Kemo, which focused on rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem from the book of Nehemiah, Prime Minister Marape urged officers from the ministry and department to have a heart of serving faithfully and with dedication

“Have a pure and dedicated heart now as you enter this new building, to serve and set a quality platform for a better Papua New Guinea tomorrow,” he said.

The Prime Minister also revealed that the new court complex at Waigani that will accommodate the National and Supreme courts will be opened later this year and that the National Parliament building will also undergo major maintenance work. This initiative is part of investing in the three Arms of Government as the country prepares for the 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2025.

“The seat of Government and Parliament for PNG was moved from Konedobu to Waigani in the early years after Independence. All key government departments and agencies must be centralised in the Waigani area for ease of movement and also for better coordination, and must not be in the CBD area or in residential or recreational areas,” said Prime Minister Marape