Prime Minister Hon. James Marape Pays Tribute to Late Education Minister Jimmy Uguro

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape has extended his deep appreciation for the late Minister for Education, Jimmy Uguro, praising the considerable contributions and achievements during his tenure.

As the nation bids farewell to Minister Uguro, laying him to rest in his home electorate of Usino- Bundi in the Madang Province this week, Prime Minister Marape commends the late minister’s significant impact on Papua New Guinea’s education sector. Despite his relatively brief period in office, Minister Uguro’s initiatives have laid a strong foundation for the nation’s educational future.

Under Minister Uguro’s stewardship, the education sector witnessed remarkable progress, highlighted by Prime Minister Marape. “Minister Uguro stood out as one of the most effective members of my Cabinet since I assumed office in 2019. Among his notable achievements, the expansion of elementary schools from 8,404 in 2018 to 10,605 in 2022, marking a 22 percent increase, and the surge in student numbers across primary and community schools from 1,047,034 to 1,206,063 during the same period, reflect his extraordinary commitment to education,” Prime Minister Marape noted.

“Further achievements include the increase in the number of high schools and secondary teachers from 5,464 to 6,580, the growth of national high schools and secondary schools from 289 to 354, and the rise in student enrollment in vocational schools from 38,814 to 52,448. The teacher count in these institutions also saw an upturn from 1,268 to 1,424.”

The prime minister also highlighted the increase in the student population in high schools and secondary schools from 207,288 in 2018 to 283,861 in 2022, and the growth in elementary school enrollments from 1,005,329 in 2018 to 1,163,711 in 2022.

“These statistics are just a glimpse of the monumental efforts put forth by Minister Uguro to advance our nation’s education sector,” Prime Minister Marape said, acknowledging that these accomplishments are part of a broader legacy of improvement and dedication to service.

Prime Minister Marape expressed his expectation that future government ministers will serve with the same diligence and passion as Minister Uguro, continuing the positive legacy and trends he set for Papua New Guinea’s future .