Prime Minister Hon. James Marape Praises Bogia MP Hon. Robert Naguri for Dedicated Service

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape today commended Bogia MP Hon. Robert Naguri for his dedication to his constituents. The commendation followed a constructive meeting with Mr. Naguri and the Bogia District Development Authority (DDA) team, focusing on the district’s ongoing development projects.

In his remarks, Prime Minister Marape stated, “I commend Mr. Naguri for his selflessness. His commitment as a senior member of Pangu Pati and his decision to prioritise district development over a ministerial position exemplify his dedication to service.”

The Prime Minister also acknowledged the collective efforts within the Pangu Pati, highlighting that “leaders like Hon. Naguri provide stable and selfless leadership, contributing significantly to the government’s functioning and the nation’s progress.”

During the discussions, Mr. Naguri outlined major initiatives in Bogia, including the K3 million investment in revitalising Awar Plantation for cocoa and vanilla production and the restoration of Nubia Plantation. The district is also exploring a fishing venture with backing from the National Fisheries Authority.

A critical agenda for Bogia, as Mr. Naguri noted, is the Manam restoration and resettlement project, recognising the Marape-Rosso government’s allocation of K20 million in the 2024 Budget for the Manam Restoration Authority. He confirmed that the DDA’s Manam Restoration Plan is set to effectively channel these funds to aid the displaced residents of Manam Island.

Prime Minister Marape concluded by thanking the Bogia community for their role in nurturing a leader of Hon. Naguri’s caliber, contributing positively to the nation’s developmental journey.